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Spirit Services Company Complete Floor Protection System™Track Control Mats
90% of the Dust, Dirt and Grime in Public Buildings is TRACKED In from the Outside. The Most Effective Type of Floor Protection You Will Find Anywhere!
The Spirit Services Company Complete Floor Protection System's™ versatile Track Control Mats are an economical and attractive answer to many of your mat requirements. Track Control Mats, with their rich, deep background colors and brilliant accents, will enhance any decor. These mats not only look great, they work hard - capturing dirt, sand and moisture. Typically they are placed in plant and production areas and are ideal for use in areas that lead out to heavy soiled environments.Designer, Logo & Message Mats -
Today's Business Environment Demands A Complete Corporate Image
The Most Effective Type of Floor Protection You Will Find Anywhere!
Designer Mats are available in a wide variety of colors to match your company decor and are ideal for use in many areas. This mat can be custom designed with your company logo, promoting name recognition while enhancing your overall appearance and professionalism.Frequently, your customer's first impression of your company is also their last. It's critical that your corporate image is complete, starting with the very first thing they see when they visit your office.No matter what business you're in, we offer a wide range of Floor Protection mats that effectively trap soil and dust, while greatly enhancing the appearance of your corporate setting. Demonstrating a complete corporate image means relying on Spirit Services Company Complete Floor Protection System™. Our mats are on the job - working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All products in the Spirit Services Company Complete Floor Protection System™ (except the Outdoor Scraper and ComfortFlo Mats) are laundered by Spirit Services Company. Our special washing equipment removes built-up soil and restores the mat's attractive appearance.Message Mats do more than capture dirt - they capture attention. A variety of high impact, high visibility Message Mat slogans are available.ComfortFlo™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
The ComfortFlo™ Anti-Fatigue Mat is a fully launderable mat constructed of 100% Nitrile Rubber for superior grease and oil resistance. It provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved Ergonomics, improving employee morale and productivity. Beveled edges meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. The mats are "Anti-Static" for use around sensitive electronic equipment. 70-80% of dust, grime and dirt in a building is tracked from the outside on people's feet - permanently damaging floors and carpets.
One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week - twice that in inclement weather.
It is estimated that the cost to remove a single pound of dirt from a building will run in excess of $600 in cleaning costs.An effective mat program is the answer!
Contact your Spirit Services Company representative for more information on the most efficient way of stopping dirt at the door and keeping building maintenance costs to a minimum.Treated Dust & Wet Mops
Spirit Services Company offers the most effective Treated Dust Mop in the business. While most companies have discontinued the process of treating mops, we understand the importance of the process and that an untreated mop is not effective. To clean floors properly, a dust mop must be treated with the right substance. it must be treated evenly and with the right amount. Too much, and the mop could be too heavy or hard to use and the treatment can be transferred to the floor. Too little, and it will not catch dust and dirt, but simply push it around and into the air.The frame of the mop is also important. Our frames have a 360 degree swivel, for easy mopping under and around furniture. We take the proper steps to assure that every time we service your Dust Mops, you have an adequate supply of properly treated mops with properly functioning frames and handles. Combined with the proper mat placement, our mops will save you time and money every day!

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Keywords: Mats, Mops