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By: Spincore  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pulse Generator, Control Signals, Digital Synthesis,

PulseBlaster DDS-IV-1000: Programmable TTL and Dual Quadrature Stream Direct Digital Synthesis RF Pulse Generator


PulseBlaster DDS™

series of Intelligent Pattern and Waveform Generation boards from SpinCore Technologies, Inc., couples SpinCore’s unique Intelligent Pattern Generation processor cor


, dubbed PulseBlaster™, with dual Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) units for use in system control and pulse generation.

The PulseBlaster’s state-of-the-art timing processor core provides all the necessary timing control signals required for overall system control and pulse synchronization. The additional DDS features allow the PulseBlaster DDS-IV-1000 to provide not only digital (TTL) but also two pairs of analog RF outputs generated by two independent quadrature data streams, ranging in frequency from 200 kHz to 400 MHz. This allows the PulseBlaster DDS-IV-1000 to meet high-performance and high-precision complex excitation/stimuli needs of demanding users. The quadrature output pairs allow for easy interfacing with analog quadrature modulators for single side band up-conversion.

Key Specifications

  • 1 Gs/s sampling rate for up to 400 MHz RF Output
  • Two independent quadrature RF output pairs
  • PulseBlaster Timing Core operating at 125 MHz
    • The PB Core provides 16 digital output channels
  • Software triggering and external hardware trigger
  • 256 interrupts controlled by 8 interrupt lines
    • Interrupts are immediate and always active
  • 8K instruction memory words
  • Shortest instruction length of 40 ns
  • The delay resolution is 8 ns
  • 10 MHz external reference input
  • 256 amplitude registers for each DDS output with 14 bit amplitude resolution
  • 256 frequency registers for each DDS output with 32 bit frequency resolution
  • All DDS registers are programmable while the PulseBlaster Core is running
  • Modifiable Pulse Programs while the core is running

DDS-IV 3U Enclosure

The DDS-IV-1000 comes pre-assembled in a 3U rack mount enclosure that includes the following:

  • Internal mounting, cabling, and harnessing
  • Internal AC/DC power supply
  • BNC connectors for all analog outputs, all digital outputs, external clock reference and HW trigger
  • DB-9 (DE-9) connector for the 8 interrupt pins
  • USB control connector
  • USB and power cables

Keywords: Control Signals, Digital Synthesis, Direct Digital Synthesis, Pulse Generator, Waveform Generation,

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