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By: Speedypin  09-12-2011
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This could happen if the phone rings more then 4 times or equivalent to 30 seconds without a connection. Carriers will consider this a connection and will deduct minutes for rounding. The rounding fees can be found on the card information page on our website.

First, please ensure that you are not calling an international cell phone. Calls to international cell phones are charged at a higher rate than calls to land lines. Please review the product detail page for your card to view the cell phone rate.

If, however, you received fewer minutes than expected after using the card, please note that some cards have taxes or various fees. Taxes, unless otherwise stated, are deducted at the end of each call you make. Fees are deducted at various intervals, depending on the terms and conditions of the card. This can be the cause of a card providing fewer minutes that expected, because the number of minutes advertised on the website is based on the complete use of a card on one call. Please review the card information located on the product detail page. All fees, taxes, and rates are described in detail on those pages.

Keywords: cell phone, Cell Phones

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If a carrier is unable to provide a satisfactory remedy, customers must contact SpeedyPin within 30 days of the original purchase date to begin an inquiry. SpeedyPin makes no warranty of its phone cards with respect to incidental, consequential, or other damages. SpeedyPin's liability will not exceed the original purchase price of a defective phone card.


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When calling most countries outside North America, it is typical for calls to cell phones to cost more than calls to regular telephones or "land lines.. International cell rates are determined largely by the receiving cell phone company but are charged to the caller. Most phone cards will give fewer minutes for calls to international cell phones.


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Such issues are typically short in duration and after a short while the toll-free access number will be accessible again. A toll-free number may be inaccessible when phone card switching equipment is being tested or upgraded. What if my card's toll-free access number is busy or down. What should I do if the quality of my connection is poor.