Services Offered by Overseas Speedometer

By: Speedometer  09-12-2011
Keywords: Speedometer, Speedometer Calibration, Quartz Conversions

We repair speedometers and odometers primarily for German and Swedish cars, and for BMW motorcycles.  We service some select American makes and models, including GM clusters.  We also repair automotive clocks, including making quartz conversions.

We do not repair instruments from any Japanese auto makes, or any American, Japanese, or British motorcycles.  Please choose your vehicle manufacturer from those listed at the left.  You will find additional information about your specific model that might be of importance to you.

Services Available for those models that we handle:

• Odometer and tripmeter repair
• Speedometer repair and calibration
• GM cluster repair
• Clock repair, including quartz conversions

Standard Procedure for all repairs includes:

• Perform the specified repair
• General cleaning and lubrication
• Minor speedometer calibration
• Bench testing of the unit

With a repaired and functional odometer you can:

• Check engine efficiency and fuel consumption (MPG)
• Keep accurate maintenance records
(Recording business mileage for tax purposes and reimbursement)
• Participate in road rallies
• Improve the resale value of your vehicle

Keywords: Quartz Conversions, Speedometer, Speedometer Calibration,