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By: Spectralis  09-12-2011

Daily monitoring of your website traffic provides invaluable information about who is using your website and what they are doing. Spectralis' WebStat Tracking Service provides information in the following areas:

(Number of Individual users on your website. Each visitor is only counted once.)
(Total number of pages viewed, including multiple views by the same user.)
Average Unique hits divided by the number of days that the stats have been collected so far that month.
  • Average User Session Length
The average number of pages viewed by users over the course of their visit. This stat helps to determine whether you are catching the attention of the user, and are providing interesting information for the user to view. Very low numbers may indicate that users are only passing through your site, or are having difficulty finding what they are looking for.
Useful when designing a website, to determine whether the majority of your users browse your website with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This stats also traps the browser version to assist with error resolution.
Useful for determining the technical up-to-dateness of your users. Also tracks Microsoft vs Linux vs Mac users.
Also useful from a website design standpoint. No guess work needed to design to the majority of your audience's monitor resolution.
Determine the best time to make significant changes to your website or track when the highest number of users will be on your website for promotional purposes.
  • Individual Page View Tracking
Track exactly where your users are going and what they are looking at. This information is very useful in determining whether your key sections are user-friendly to your surfers. Can they find the information that they are looking for? or the information that you want them to see?
  • 404 - Page not Found error tracking
Identifies broken links and incorrect page references. Decreases errors on your website and decreases user frustration.
Find out how users are reaching your website. Who is linking to your website on the web? Is your web advertising working?

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