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By: Specialty Solutions Co  09-12-2011
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Computer Service

FAT corruption, NTFS corruption, Partition failure, Invalid media, BIOS errors

Boot failure, Accidental deletion, Blunt trauma accidents, Sabotaged files & disks

We specialize in PC disks, including; Win9x, NT, Win2000, WinXP and Linux

Custom-made PC's

Super-cheat home and business computers put together with top of the line chips and parts to fit tide budgets.

Data Recovery

Software/Hardware installation

We will help find the necessary softwareand hardware for your unique application, and then offer installation services.

Antivirus Protection

With SSC as your partner, you will have the most up to date virus protection available and be proactively notified of virus threats for your PC and network.

Network Design & Support

Remote Monitoring & Management

Custom-made Servers

Hosting & E-mailing

Internet Firewalls

SSC keeps your data secure and available to only those with registered access. Via your company's Internet connection, secure information and resources are made available only by channeling through the security of a firewall, network security policy, and file system security.

Website Planning

Not sure where to start, what should be included or how to organize it?. don't worry our website designers will start from scratch. We will be able to advise you on your content and help maximize it for best search engine optimization of your website design and product.

Graphic Designing

Database Designing

For organizing photos, inventory, etc. a professional custom built database is often the solution. Excellent for E-commerce designs but have many other applications as well. Once we understand your needs, we will be happy to quote you a price on your custom designed database.

Website Marketing

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN receive tens of millions of hits every day, because people use these tools to locate specific information on the Web. Free and simple, this is probably the most important way to get people to your site.

Web Presence

Development Services

SSC develops sophisticated applications on time and within budget through fixed fee projects, time and materials efforts, or by providing resources to augment your staff.

Engineering Services

SSC engineers reliable, scaleable and manageable systems and network infrastructures either as turnkey projects or by providing resources to augment your staff.

Operations Services

SSC provides operations support services either as turnkey projects, fully managed operations functions, or by providing resources to augment your staff.

Consulting Services

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Keywords: search engine, Website Design, Website Designers