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By: Spadrole  09-12-2011
Keywords: Powerful Formula

Dare to Dream

Make fundamental life changes today.

Since change is inevitable, why not make it easy and lighten up on the drama. Learn the simple way to profoundly change your own world and develop your own powerful formula for sustained connections, energy, focus, forgiveness and harmony!


  • Discover skills that can ease your way through difficult transitions
  • Incorporate the 5 Step Program to Feeling Good into your life
  • Design your personal strategic plan and make real change happen

Leading with Laughter

When you smile your world changes!

The power of laughter is being rediscovered as an innovative way to combat stress, dramatically improve morale and significantly increase camaraderie and motivation.


  • Implement strategies to get through difficult times
  • Develop appropriate laughter in the workplace
  • Find the key to a healthy and productive life.

Making an Impact

Establishing stepping stones for inclusive and caring communities

Discover the best kept secret to getting the life you want and becoming the leader you were born to be. Learn the simple way to profoundly change your own world.


  • Trust, forgive and be good to yourself
  • Ease your way through difficult transitions
  • Build strong relationships that nurture you
  • Be a beacon for those around you

Keywords: Powerful Formula

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Workshops - Spadrole

These interactive workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to experiment with different approaches and an opportunity to practise in a safe environment. Build balance and better relationships by identifying and reducing the stress in your environment and establishing innovative benchmarks. Using good feedback skills will improve the receptors ability to receive and use the message you are communicating.


Wellness Retreat - Spadrole

We all need to ?nd balance in our lives so that we can weather life’s challenging moments and put everything in perspective. This weekend retreat is a personal development opportunity to position yourself as the leader you are meant to be. Would you like to reduce your stress, get better sleep, improve lung capacity and control your blood pressure. You will elevate your leadership skills and establish your in?uence amongst your peers.


Set Your Course – Consulting Package

This transformational package consists of six high powered, one-hour sessions suitable for groups or individuals. Discover how you can ease your way through dif?cult transitions. Tools for sailing through life’s ups and downs. Find the key to a healthy and productive life. Get rid of stubborn habits.