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By: Space-time Research  09-12-2011
Keywords: analytics

SuperSTAR provides a unique solution to the challenge of fast, confidentialized data tabulation, analysis, visualization and dissemination of large amounts of organizational data.

SuperSTAR uses a unique approach to analytical processing and reporting through the application of column-based analytical technology and web-based dissemination in one integrated environment.  Users manipulate and analyze data at any level of aggregation, from unit record or microdata to aggregated cubes of data.

SuperSTAR Platform

Government Data

SuperSTAR functionality supports government data management and analysis including support for Weighting and Relative Standard Error (RSE) and other statistics functions. For external users there is protection against mistakes such as double-counting protection and misuse of data with metadata

Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX)


SuperSTAR offers three interfaces – for statisticians and analysts (Miners), for subject matter experts (Farmers), and for general users (Tourists).

SuperCROSS is the desktop client for the SuperSTAR platform and has a powerful and intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical interface. SuperCROSS provides fast, flexible tabulation and analytics and volume production capability for large, repetitive table generation. SuperCROSS contains robust analytic capability and is frequently used by statisticians and analysts in government organizations.


SuperCROSS is easy-to-use for analysis at microdata level. Tabulations can be created through drag and drop and presented and saved in a variety of formats. A Colorview allows identification of outlier data or data quality problems including tables and charts.

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

Powerful confidentiality plug-ins allow for greater automation of disclosure control, eliminating mistakes and reducing the time required to publish information. Confidentiality rules and algorithms are customizable through the SuperSTAR Data Control API.

SuperWEB is the web-based client for the SuperSTAR platform for ad hoc tabulation and dissemination. SuperWEB is used for confidentialized analysis of large microdata or aggregated data and metadata.  SuperWEB is used by analysts within government organizations or to provide access to researchers or users who want to do their own analyses and reports.

Dissemination and Output


Extremely fast queries allow for self-service querying and generation of integrated cross tabulations, charts, and maps. Very large census data sets or complex surverys can be tabulated and analysed quickly and easily. SuperWEB includes “Duty of Care” capability to help users avoid data mistakes in creating analyses.

is interactive visualization for .  Easy to use tabulation and analytics provide a DATA EXPERIENCE resulting in a wide variety of for a rich VISUALIZATION EXPERIENCE.

Public Data

SuperVIEW is fast, easy, confidentialized transparency and sharing of public data and public sector information such as , Census, , , , and .  Users analyze and explore data, create reports and collaborate and share analyses.


Ad hoc generation of multi-dimensional tables and metadata is based on large, complex and diverse datasets. RESTful web services, , , plus in-house or implementation suit any infrastructure environment.

Keywords: analytics

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The Services group transforms a customer's SuperSTAR investment into solutions that provide optimum benefit to their organization. Space-Time Research offers comprehensive services to support the complete lifecycle of your data experience strategy. We work closely with our customers to understand and respond to their unique and evolving data experience needs.



The interfaces and intelligent server-side caching provide reduced rendering times, which combined with SuperSTAR’s high-performance tabulation queries makes real-time creation of high-quality thematic maps a fast and easy experience on the Web.