By: Space-time Research  09-12-2011

Space-Time Research develops products that enable data transparency for government and other data providers—that is, they make more data available for analysis to more people, internally and/or externally.  
Our SuperSTAR product suite integrates with ESRI ArcIMS and ArcGIS web mapping servers to provide business and public users worldwide with simple, seamless map creation on the fly. Users interact with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces to perform ad hoc multidimensional queries and create dynamic maps. There is no need to rely on preconfigured queries, or perform complex SQL queries. User can ask any question of the data, resulting in better decision making.

The interfaces and intelligent server-side caching provide reduced rendering times, which combined with SuperSTAR’s high-performance tabulation queries makes real-time creation of high-quality thematic maps a fast and easy experience on the Web. Users need no reporting or statistical knowledge to easily produce rich, detailed maps and freely share them.

In summary, Space-Time Research’s analytics and visualization products provide a rich data experience for the delivery of public intelligence and Government 2.0.  Our customers include many of the most advanced government census and statistics organizations, including the US Bureau of Census and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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The Services group transforms a customer's SuperSTAR investment into solutions that provide optimum benefit to their organization. Space-Time Research offers comprehensive services to support the complete lifecycle of your data experience strategy. We work closely with our customers to understand and respond to their unique and evolving data experience needs.


SuperSTAR Products

SuperSTAR provides a unique solution to the challenge of fast, confidentialized data tabulation, analysis, visualization and dissemination of large amounts of organizational data. Powerful confidentiality plug-ins allow for greater automation of disclosure control, eliminating mistakes and reducing the time required to publish information.