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By: Spa Revolutions  09-12-2011

The PerfectSense™ Shell Facial system combines the therapeutic heat of Lava Shells™, the cooling sensation of Glacial Shells™, and the technically advanced formulations of the OSEA skincare line.  This unique facial system is a revolutionary new therapeutic treatment for consumers who want to combat fallout from environmental damage and protect the skin from aging.

The Shell Facial system features Porcelain Tiger-Striped Clam Shells created from a non-porous blend of real seashells and porcelain that will not absorb oils, dead skin cells, dirt or bacteria making them easy to clean and sanitize.  The gentle heat of Lava Shells™ is beneficial for relaxing the face and allowing for easily manipulation of the connective tissues while the Glacial Shells™ help reduce facial inflammation, constrict large pores, and hydrate the skin.  Together, they assist in increasing the skin’s absorption of OSEA’s anti-aging, marine-based ingredients.

The Shell Facial system is available in both professional and tester sizes and features four OSEA products: Ocean Cleanser, a gentle, marine-based moisturizing cleanser designed to dissolve dirt while re-hydrating thirsty skin; Vitamin Sea Boost, a powerful blend of antioxidants to nourish and protect dry, sun-damaged skin; Undaria Algae Oil, an ultra-light face oil that plumps and nourishes parched skin; and White Algae Mask, an all-natural antioxidant treatment mask delivering deep hydration while visibly tightening skin.  To accommodate spas that have a signature skincare line, the Shell Facial can be purchased without the OSEA products, ensuring a full branding experience for their customers.

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Glacial Shells™ - Spa Revolutions

Each shell has been cast from the ideal ergonomical Tiger Striped Clam Shell and is then hand painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of natural shells. Cold therapy is an age-old method for treating chronic pain and injuries and Glacial Shells™ deliver these benefits in a soothing treatment for the body.


Lava Shells™ - Spa Revolutions

When filled with the patented self-heating technology of Lava Gel™, Lava Shells™ heat for up to an hour, giving you the same heat as a full hot stone massage with just two shells – no electricity of equipment needed. The calcium helps to regulate the skin’s natural renewal processes and can help to give a client firmer, healthier looking skin, while also reaping all the benefits of a heated massage treatment.


PerfectSense™ Paraffin - Spa Revolutions

Antioxidant Blend Combining white and green teas, grape seed oil, and a potent mix of cranberry, blueberry, goji berry, and ligonberry, the Antioxidant blend combats free radical and sun damage, leaving skin looking and feeling younger, healthier, and more vibrant.


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Used in over 2,000 marquee spas worldwide, the PerfectSense™ Professional products are made up of self-heated tools for hand, foot, body, and massage care that use long lasting, electricity-free heat to offer unparalleled convenience and quality of treatment. Spa Revolutions stands at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating skin care, beauty, and wellness products for professionals.