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By: Southend Physiotherapy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Physiotherapy, Reiki, Swedish Massage

South End Physiotherapy Clinic is located in the Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We offer a number of services including:

  • Sport Specific Training Programs
  • Physiotherapy for all acute and chronic orthopaedic and sports injuries
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy and Reconditioning
  • Work Conditioning
  • Exercise Counseling and Program Design
  • Home/Travel Fitness Programs
  • Orthotic/Shoe Fitting
  • WCB and MVA approved provider
  • Arthritis and Sport Medicine Bracing

Equipment we have:

  • Therapeutic Modalities – TNS, traction, ultrasound, acupuncture, heat/ice, interferential current (IFC), Neuromuscular Stimulation (EMS), taping, etc.
  • Functional Equipment – Hand therapy, free weights up to 50 lbs, work simulation stations, ie: lifting, carrying, climbing, fine motor work, grip strength, KAT Computerized Proprioceptive Training Unit, Hydragym, Cable Column (Cybex)
  • Work Conditioning/Functional Restoration – Multi-Station Resistance Training Equipment, Universal, Treadmills, Lifecycle Stepper and Bike, Concept II Rower, Monark Stationary Bike, Body Blade, Pro-fitter, TUBING, Abdominal Curl Bar.

We are open Monday - Friday from 7:15 am - 7:00 pm . Referrals are not always necessary. We have easy parking and so much more! We also offer the following Massage Therapy treatments:

Swedish Massage

Soothing, fluid, continuous strokes of varying depths ranging from superficial to deep. The techniques are designed to encourage the relaxation of muscle groups by increasing circulation and decreasing associated tension. Incorporates joint motion and stretching to increase rehabilitative effects when addressing soft tissue injury.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release uses greater depth – with no oil – to help promote the release of deeper body structures. Combining tissue torquing and myotonic stretching, this type of massage is suitable for treating restrictive tissue tension. Coupled with Swedish massage, myofascial techniques enhance the intensity of the treatment.

Reiki Level I

The word “Reiki”is made up of two separate Japanese characters. “Rei” contains a variety of meanings such as spirit, soul, sacred and respect. “Ki” is the energy or life force. Reiki can be incorporated into either of the above treatments, using both hands on techniques, and techniques to affect the energy field surrounding the body. Reiki aims to eliminate negative energy and re-direct positive energy to areas where it will be most beneficial.

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