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By: Sounds Around Town  09-12-2011

They say do what you love and you will be successful.

Well I love to talk and I love to write, both serious copy and light-hearted blogs. I even published a "magazine" when I was 9 years old. My parents surely thought I was crazy, but I did manage to sell them all for .25 cents apiece.

So as you can imagine, promotion and publicity come naturally to me, and the internet has been great vehicle for expanding traditional media.

When I started getting into computers years ago I was working on my Apple IIC making spreadsheets and signs at home for work, while managing at Sam the Record Man. The internet was nothing more than a black screen where all I could figure out how to do was check out library books.

During that time Windows was launched and our world started turning into a very different place almost overnight. I started hacking my way through HTML and posting online charts from the store on my little corner of the internet. I started looking up Peter Gzowski's charts from the CBC radio website and ordering whatever he was playing for the store.

And it became clear to me early in this communication revolution that the medium was now indeed the message, and you could touch the life of one person intimately if you could reach them via this brave new frontier.

While all this turmoil was going on I could also see that Sam the Record Man would soon be a memory. The writing was on the wall. So with a heavy heart I handed in my resignation and marched off to IT school and spent the next five years working in network administration and software support. My heart was never in it.

And so after all these years I came full circle, and here I stand happily surrounded by wonderful music and a great community.

I am here to make you look your very best, and maybe even help you sell some CDs online because you know, I'm still a record retail geek at heart.

Really I think that if you do what you love, and I do what I love, we are going to make a great team.

Stay tuned,

Angela Granchelli