Peltor Kid Earmuffs -

By: SoundGoods  09-12-2011

Children’s hearing is extremely sensitive and they have very little protection against harmful noise.  Peltor KID Ear Muffs are specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable enough for babies and kids.  They effectively attenuate harmful noises without shutting out other ambient sounds.  With NRR 22 dB protection in a low-profile muff, the KID Muff is just right for concerts, races, shooting and other general noise protection.  With muffs you do not have to worry about getting a good fit or the plugs falling out when you are not looking.

Another benefit to KID Muffs is that they do not pose a choking hazard, as earplugs sometimes can when used by very young, unsupervised children.  

Available in blue or pink.


  •          For ages up to 7
  •          Non-adjustable headband
  •          Low contact pressure
  •          NRR 22 db

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We can probably use these earmuffs even when he gets bigger because it has an adjustable headband. I bought these earmuffs for my 6 year old and he absolutely loved them. Good noise blocker for kids.