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By: Soully Created  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ear Candles, Unbleached Cotton

Hemp Ear Candles

Why use hemp? The choices are clear:

  • Hemp is grown using no pesticides or harmful fertilizers
  • Hemp fabric has no toxic chemicals used in its processing
  • Hemp fabric has high vibration and energy
  • Hemp fabric burns slower and creates less ash residue

Our candles burn longer than others. This means that there is draw over a longer period of time, which can remove more debris from the ear.

Candle shape is important as well. Soully Created candles are wider and coned at the tip which makes them less likely to be blocked by debris. The unrestricted vacuum also maximizes the draw of the candle and provides a more efficient treatment.

Retail $16.99* (4 pack)

Unbleached Cotton Ear Candles

Unbleached cotton is in its natural state, with no dye or bleach added to the material to change the colour. Our candles are handmade. We use only unbleached cotton and natural beeswax to create what we feel are the highest quality unbleached cotton ear candles you can buy.

Soully Created ear candles come packaged with instructions.

Retail $15.99*(4 pack)

Ear Candle Safety-Hold

Re-useable adaptor holds ear candle safely in the ear. Includes instructions.

  • Washable ~ can be sterilized ~ can be used while sitting
  • Re-useable ~ secure hold ~ no heat transfer
  • Easy to use ~ catches dripping wax ~ flexible positioning for comfort
  • Allows more efficient use of candle

Retail $12.99*

* All Prices are U.S dollars* and does not include tax or shipping costs.

* Available for sale in the U.S.A. only.

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Keywords: Ear Candles, Unbleached Cotton