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Dear Friends,

Tis the season when we are all beginning to run around frantically trying to keep ahead of the festive season. Soular Connection is offering you an opportunity to slow down and check off another item for your gift giving this season.

Consider giving a special someone the benefits of health and relaxation by purchasing a gift certificate for a reiki session. Included in this one and half hour session is soothing music, aroma therapy with scented candles, a debrief and the end of the session and a small gift of to take away as a reminder of the experience. Cost: $75.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can use. Consider the gift of relaxation. Contact me with your request and I will send you a gift certificate to put under the tree.

And, don't forget about yourself during this holiday season.



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What's this all about?

Our body is composed not only of physical elements such as muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, organs, glands, etc.; it also has a subtle energy system through which 'life force energy' flows. This subtle energy system is composed of energy 'bodies' which surround our physical body and assist us in processing our thoughts and emotions. The energy bodies have energy centers called chakras, which work somewhat like valves that allow life force to circulate through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We also have energy meridians and nadas. These are like rivers, or streams which carry our life force energy throughout our physical body, to nourish us and assist in balancing our body's systems and functions.

Our physical body is alive because of the

'life force energy'

that is flowing though it. If our 'life force' is low or blocked, we are more likely to get sick, but if it is high and free flowing, we more easily maintain health and a feeling of well-being.

One thing that disrupts and weakens the flow of 'life force energy' is stress

. Stress is often caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings that get lodged in one's subtle energy system. These include fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, etc. Medical research has determined that continual stress can block the body's natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-95% of all visits to doctors are the results of reaction to stress. The effects of unreleased stress range from minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory and skin problems.

Reiki (ray-key)

is a technique that

aids the body in releasing stress and tension

by creating deep relaxation. Because of this,

Reiki promotes healing and health

. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "the Wisdom of God or the Higher Power" and Ki which is means 'life force energy.' So Reiki means 'spiritually guided life force energy.' The Reiki system of healing is a technique for transmitting this subtle energy through the hands of the Reiki Master into the human energy system.

Reiki restores energy balance and vitality

by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, nadas and chakras, and clears the energy bodies, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace.

A treatment feels like warm, gentle sunshine which flows through you, surrounds you and comforts you. Reiki treats the person's body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Reiki is powerful, yet wonderfully gentle and nurturing. During a treatment, the clients remain fully clothed. Reiki is an effective alternative, or complement to massage therapy.

Reiki supports any medical, or supplemental healing methods

a client may be using and is of growing interest to chiropractors, medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and hypnotherapists.

Tap into an unlimited supply of 'life force energy' to improve your health and enhance the quality of life by receiving Reiki treatments.

Contact Reiki Master Practitioner Linda to set up an appointment.

My primary focus is on health and overall well-being so as to limit the effect of stress in your life. I believe that with support and guidance, individuals can become more proficient at addressing the everyday concerns of life by becoming better observers of themselves, and better problem solvers.

"Change your thoughts, Change your actions, Change your life!"

As a professional health & wellness coach, I help clients identify where they are, where they want to go, what did and did not work in the past and help develop a suitable and effective map to follow using your own resources. The level of success you experience is very important to me. My sole intended purpose is to serve as your guide and encourage you as we work together towards accomplishing the healthy, balanced lifestyle you have set out to achieve. Whether you are looking to manage stress, become healthy through diet and exercise or find life balance, I will help you sort hype from fact, guide, support and gently hold you accountable as you develop and work toward your goals.

Let's work together


empowering you


get the results

you have been searching for. The universe is always in a state of balance. A problem cannot exist without its solution existing at the same time…….let's work together to find that solution so the see-saw stays balanced for good!

Together, we will develop a 4-phase plan:

  1. Determine where you are now - truly look face to face at your life and the changes you want to make.

  2. Determine your unique goal(s); design your ultimate outcome.

  3. Make a realistic plan to achieve them; look at what has and has not worked in the past; create possibilities for yourself.

  4. Incorporate your goals in your every day life so that you can achieve them, make them last and move onto developing other goals.

I am dedicated to supporting you


keeping you accountable

through this process by helping you deal with the bumps in the road and by celebrating your successes.

As they work to achieve a



healthy lifestyle

, my clients also experience a

happier, more positive outlook

on life. The coaching process


the tools that might have been missing in the past, teaches you to become proud of yourself and live your life in harmony with your ideals and values. In order to get to this level, you will

learn how to keep promises to yourself

, how to control your ‘gremlins’, how to ‘look after me guilt free,' how to find the inner power to accept change and more.

Health coaching is a not a magic pill. It does require work and commitment. If you truly dedicate yourself to this process,

studies and experience show that coaching can help you achieve your health and wellness goals

. The door will be open for you to live the most rewarding life ever, as you live the life that you want and designed.

Let's get started!

Cleanse your body with Ionic Detoxification
Feel the Difference!

What is ION Cleansing?

ION Cleansing is a safe, effective way to help you body detoxify, naturally. Toxins that build up in the body are left to be cleaned up by the blood, lymphatic system and vital organs. Those which cannot be cleaned up, attach themselves wherever they can. These acidic toxins may build up in the fat cells, joints, muscles and even organs such as the liver and kidneys. The Ionizer helps to eliminate these toxins by allowing them to escape through a unique process.

How does it work?
Similar to a foot-bath, the Ionizer uses water as the conductive medium. The conductivity of ions in the water allows for a mild field of energy to flow from an array in the bath through the feet and around the whole body. The field created by the Ionizer gradually attracts toxic ions from the body. These toxic ions migrate toward the feet and through the skin by a process called osmosis, where they enter the water. Essentially, the Ionizer functions as a magnet that helps your body to detoxify by attracting toxic particles and trapping them in a charged bath of water. The field is painless and non-invasive and requires no pills, supplements or medication to operate effectively.
Do I need to detoxify?

If you eat, drink, feel stressed and breathe, there is a good chance you need to detoxify. With today’s processed acidic foods, air pollution, water pollution and stress it’s hard to comprehend just how much toxicity we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.

Toxic, acidic bodies are the ideal environment for viral and bacterial infections, cancer and other such degenerative diseases to thrive. These infections and diseases are unable to thrive in clean, alkaline bodies.

  • Heavy metal removal
  • Faster recovery times
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Increased joint movement; joint pain relief from arthritis

When is a good time to Cleanse?

Now is a perfect time to cleanse your body naturally….no matter who you are! Whether you are thinking about detoxification for the first time or you detoxify regularly, there is not time like the present.

The Ionizer treatments will support any cleansing modality.

The session lasts about 30 minutes.

These sessions go great with a reiki treatment.

Contact me to book your appointment now!
What is Hypnosis?

Bottom line is that hypnosis a


state characterized by

extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination

. It's not really like sleep, because you are alert the whole time. It is most often compared to


, or the feeling of "losing yourself" in a book or movie. You are fully conscious, but you tune out most of the stimuli around you. You focus intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought. The hypnotist focuses on the trance state brought on by intentional relaxation and focusing exercises. This deep hypnosis is often compared to the relaxed mental state between wakefulness and sleep.

Deep relaxation and focusing exercises of hypnotism work to calm and subdue the conscious mind so that it takes a less active role in your thinking process. In this state, you're still aware of what's going on, but your conscious mind takes a backseat to your subconscious mind. Effectively, this allows you and the hypnotist to work directly with the subconscious. It's as if the hypnotism process pops open a control panel inside your brain.



do not lose consciousness

- actually, you will be more awake during hypnosis than before.


do not surrender your will

- you are always capable of making decisions at all times.


requires concentration

so the best clients are those who are more intelligent.


cannot reveal secrets

while hypnotized as you will be aware of everything that is happening.

Believe that

all hypnosis is self hypnosis

. I am only the guide so know that at anytime you

can readily revive yourself


Is there something you want to work on…….stop smoking, lose weight, get rid of a fear/phobia, de-stressing, control anger, get to the source of what is troubling you, build self esteem, find your confidence, get rid of your fear of public speaking……and so much more. Getting Started….

When you've made the decision to get assistance from a consulting hypnotist, you're usually ready to make the change. Here's what happens. I will meet with you to get a good understanding of what you want to accomplish, getting to know more about what got you to this point, etc. We might even work at developing a "script of suggestions" using your own words to get and keep you motivated as you work through your change.

When you're ready, I will walk you through a process that will completely relax you and allow your subconscious to be more present to receive the suggestions for change that you want to achieve. I will test your level of trance for both my benefit as well as yours to show you that in fact you are hypnotized. You will awake fully aware of all that has happened feeling rested and relaxed.

The first session is approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs in length. The cost is $120 for this session. Subsequent sessions last 45 minutes and cost $80/session. Note:

Those wishing to stop smoking or loss weight require a minimum of three sessions. Any additional sessions are free.

Contact me and let's see if hypnosis is right for you!

Warning: If you are receiving treatment for clinical depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, or any other diagnosed disorder, you must discuss using hypnosis with your health practitioner before commencing with hypnosis.

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Keywords: Energy System, Reiki, stress