The Divine Energy Matrix Connection™ Holistic Practitioner Certification

By: Soul Therapy  09-12-2011
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The Divine Energy Matrix Connection

There is excitement within your cells because of a deep “knowing” as your Soul remembers this time that is celebrated throughout the Universe.

We are blessed with tools and techniques to help us when old fears or patterns come in to challenge the structures that have accumulated for centuries.

As the Heart of Humanity opens, and more people awaken to their full potential, these tools we provide will assist you on all levels and help you to develop a strong and firm foundation for your work.

The Divine Energy Matrix Connection™ realigns the cellular matrix within you. It accelerates, clears and provides a clean slate to igniting the fire within to your Pure True Self entering into the New Earth Energy.

Sessions are done over the phone. Your initial consultation will be 30 minutes, then the session will ensue with a 40 minute Angelic Interface where your Divine Energy Matrix Connectiontakes place.
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How Was The Matrix Connection Discovered?

For two years, Deborah Skye studied under the tutelage of Seraphina, one of the main Archangels that coordinates and facilitates the training with Divinity, her Guide.

Seraphina is a Stellar Gateway Angelic Being showing me how to integrate and accelerate the Etheric Crystals embedded in a Fractal Dimensional Framework. This means that Skye was able to see in a multitude of Dimensions simultaneously which corresponded to where the Crystal were in the physical body and organs and then, etherically in the energy field.

The energy field shows time lines, reveals when they were implanted, by whom, and why. Then Deborah was given a spectacular new Crystal, one created specifically for each unique signature (person) of the individual and specific to each Soul Purpose in the New Earth Energy.

For some reason, it is refracting the base code that was placed in when the Crystals were first inserted. When the time acceleration took place, the older symbiotic relationship became dormant in the new higher fibre of the New Earth.

New Earth Energies & Their Symptoms

Many people are becoming more disturbed mentally and unable to grasp their totality as dreams, intuition, deep unhealed emotions are all coming up for review, hence the imbalances that we are seeing escalate daily.

Emotionally more than 80% of the adult population in North America is medicated in one form or another, depression is rampant and anxiety is a common day occurrence for many, the Earth’s imbalanced Energy Field is also in direct relationship to the Inharmonious Elemental Realm within the Physical Body that is out of Alignment seeking it’s own Wholeness. The Divine Energy Matrix Connection restores this balance to a place of pure energy, connecting to Source and realigning any disturbances that have gathered throughout lifetimes.

Deborah Skye was being trained while a client would be in a deep peaceful state and receiving healing energies that recombined the Energy Matrix Connecting the individuals Soul Blueprint into a Higher and Re-Crystalized Matrix form. What transpired was a full awakening to one’s Divinity and recognition of one’s Soul Purpose. Lives transformed, dreams deepened, messages became prevalent and clients were connecting to their intuition and opening up to their innate wisdom. Most people began to have insight into their own Divinity and then to their Spiritual Guides. Deborah Skye would see bodies physically shift, bones crackle and energies release right there on the table, it was incredible at times to see what was happening with the Matrix Connection™.

It’s hard to describe in words, without a visual display, as all images and sacred geometries are seen in full color and experienced in a holographic manner. Deborah Skye works inter-dimensionally, within different frame works, expressing deep layered patterns released as New Earth Energies are being encoded. It’s a brilliant display of color and patterns with interwoven consciousness which reveal the New Energies and what they mean to our Transformation.

“I sat with this information for almost three years, then, was directed to practice this method and gather the information needed to share this Matrix Connection for Holistic Practitioners.

“I experience healing from all sensors: emotionally, I feel the energy moving and shifting, I receive visually and experience the visual display in a 7th dimensional framework and intellectually engage in the consciousness of what is transpiring, to be interpreted on all levels.”

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Keywords: Energy Healing

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