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By: Soul Therapy  09-12-2011
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Past Life Regression Therapy is the one of the most complete therapy tools I have every had the privilege to facilitate. I am able to use all of my gifts as a healer, as a empath and as an individual who sees into the past and into the future. I am able to hear, see, feel and experience a past life regression as I am truly present with another while they safely journey to reveal or release a part of their past that is still playing out in their present life.

Past Life Regression Therapy can help anyone in releasing deep emotional issues or mental blocks that are interfering with your current relationships, finances, career choices or health. Your Soul desires to evolve, learn about love, compassion, forgiveness and ultimately how to let go. You also carry stories in your DNA and those stories are passed down genetically and energetically. Your frightened reactions to flying or swimming can come from your genetic impressions that are stilled stored in your cellular memory from your great great grandfather or mother. We truly are experiencing a multi-dimensional relationship with ourselves and the world around us, to grasp the totality of what that represents in my job to unravel, explore and educate so that your relationship with Spirit, Mind and Body can be one of enjoyment and pleasure. Past Life Regression Therapy assist in healing those wounds, impressions, lack of understanding and brings about clarity and truth to ones existence.

Past Life Regression helps you in realizing where the block or issue came from usually in one to two sessions, and how to release it. When you go to the core of any issue, you can then release it. If you just skim the surface it will come right back and never truly leave you as you have not dealt with it completely. Through the process of recalling past lives you will go to the most appropriate lifetime that is relevant to where you are right now and it will be a direct reflection to what you are dealing with in the present. By this way of Soul selection you are given the keys to the kingdom of exactly what is taking place in your life and WHY. I cannot express my gratitude and awe at witnessing countless lives transformed in one two hour session, or someone who does a 3-6 month program based on releasing their emotional and mental blocks to create a positive and abundant life and relationship with their self.

How Many Sessions Should I Book?

How Long Is A Past Life Regression Session?

If you have any questions about what will take place, this is the opportunity where you will get detailed information of what is to transpire, and remember every session is unique! No two session will ever be the same, even if you came to see me every day, they would all be different.

The best advice is to have no expectations then you will be able to relax, enjoy and go deeper into relaxation and allow anything to unfold.

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What If I Cannot Be Regressed?

Don’t worry, I have had many people say to me that they are not able to go into a hypnotic trance or that they cannot relax. I have been trained by the best experts in the world and have many years experience in dealing with the human energy field and logical mind that it is easy for me to place the attention of an individual into a very responsive and tranquil setting. I also work from a Soul level and speak with your Higher Guides to assist in delivering the best possible session for you in relationship to your Souls Purpose, so I am not doing a clinical regression nor am I just stating an induction, I am connecting with the truth of you to bring about lasting and beneficial change in every session.

It is my belief that anyone can be regressed. If you personally have booked a session for yourself, there is a willingness to explore why or how your life is experiencing some unhealthy boundaries or mental anguish, emotional trauma or blocked spiritually. I have witnessed hundreds of women and men benefit from Past Life Regression, why not you?

What Happens After Our Past Life Regression Session?

Some people are so relieved after a session and feel so light that I remind them to take an epsom salt bath after wards to release any energy that might be stagnant.

Can I Learn How To Do Past Life Regression For Myself, Family or Clients?

Keywords: Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy

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