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By: Soul Flares  09-12-2011
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I offer the following services through Soul Flares in support of individuals and organizations who are trying to make a difference. All fees paid for these services go towards Soul Flares operating costs and the workshop scholarship fund.

Please consider using

Soul Flares

for the following services to help you succeed and to help

Soul Flares

fulfill its mission.

Current Work

Consulting on their membership and marketing efforts, as well as advising on website and e-newsletter design and message. (Donated Work)

Designed a poster and hosted and designed a very simple website to promote Fran's vision quest work. (Barter and Donation)

Working to coordinate the design and implementation of a new website. (Reduced Fee Work)

Your writing is rich and full and mature.

Anne Hillman,
author of Dancing Animal Woman

Creativeness comes in many forms -- yours is lyrical, spiritual, soulful, and inspiring.
Keep writing and sending your words and feelings out into the universe as they touch more people than you'll ever know.

Susan Noguera, Michigan

While most of the writing you associate me with is creative and personal, I am a gifted wordsmith and editor in many areas:

• Website Content
• Ad and Catalog Copy
• Cover Letters
• Donor Appeal Letters
• Personal Letters
• Articles, Essays, and Books

Let me work with you to effectively communicate your message in a powerful, yet personal way. I will provide the first 30 minutes free so that you can evaluate my work before you hire me.

Editing Rate: $30/hr
Writing Rate: $50/hr

Annie has done a wonderful job of helping us think “out of the box” and then helping us turn ideas into action. She brings creativity and spirituality to the art of business and strategy in a way which makes her contribution to any organization unique and priceless. In just a short time, she is already making a significant difference in how our organization impacts on the suffering of this world. We feel blessed to have her assistance.

Gregg Krech
Director, ToDo Institute

General Consulting for business and individuals looking to have their life or their business shine with purpose and clarity.

• Gain a better understanding of where the real energy is in your life and what you can do to channel it.
• Learn when to quit and when to persevere when faced with a “dip”
• Develop plans for actually manifesting your vision.
• Become aware of the self-defeating thoughts that might be interfering with your vision.
• Test out wild ideas and thoughts in a very safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment.
• Receive starkly honest feedback that your partner, co-workers, or friends might be afraid to give you.

I live in order to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. I would like to help you realize yours.

General Consulting Rate: Sliding scale ($30 - $80/hr) Some bartering available.

• Website Content and Style
• Print Publications and Catalogs
• Member or Customer Correspondence (including appeal letters, auto-emails, and membership packages)

Ever since I can remember I have had the uncanny ability to pick the winner, whether it is the next hot band or the one product in a catalog that will sell the most. Let me use my keen eye, strong proven intuition, and experience to evaluate your “branding,” and create a detailed plan to increase its effectiveness.

Brand Evaluation: Initial 100-word written review and proposal is free. $250 - $1000 depending on amount of material being evaluated.

The "Reconnecting with Your Wild Soul" workshop I attended in 2006 was magnificent! Annie facilitated intuitively, listening carefully to the needs of the group as well as to her own guidance. She shared her own depth (and outrageousness), and the weekend was fun, moving, relaxing, inspiring. Thank you, Annie!

Jean Semrau You are indeed blessed with the ability and disposition to create a loving, welcoming space for people to encounter their soulful selves, discover others from the inside out, meet with their god, and to just be. I am sure just having you as a spiritual workshop leader would be enlightening, but my experience would not have been nearly as enriching had Annie O not shown up. Not only was your sharing at the same level as everyone else the catalyst for others to open up more readily, but you are a truly remarkable woman. I am thoroughly delighted by your gleeful nature. Thanks for being there.

Eric Held, Florida

Two falls ago, I attended Annie's Wild Soul Workshop for Women in Maryland. At that time, I felt adequate in my life, but not inspired. I wanted to be more authentic, thinking that knowing myself better would help me value myself more. Many wonderful people and things came together for me at that workshop, but the most important was on the last day when I danced (I am not a dancer!) to express my pain and my joy. Anne's unabashed openness about her own misgivings and pain, as well as her unconditional love for herself and others, inspired me to open up in ways I had never imagined possible. Slowly but surely--since that day-- I have found deep inspirations that I never knew existed.

Diane Snyder, Colorado

Annie O'Shaughnessy is a phenomenal facilitator and communicator; she approaches her workshops with an energy and spirit that is inclusive and engaging for all who attend. Her writing is clear and insightful. She is down to earth and inspiring to a diverse audience. Once you are embraced by Ann, your life will change in wonderful ways!

Terri Swain, Consultant from Texas

Retreats to Foster Connection, Communication, and Passion at with Family, Co-Workers, or Friends
Leading workshops and retreats is at the heart of who I am and what I have to offer in this lifetime. I am a playful, openhearted person whose goal is to stir in every person a remembrance of his or her own beauty, their own truth and to help him or her manifest that in the world. If you want a different, more genuine relationship with your self and others, work with me to organize a retreat for you and the people you gather – family, friends, and co-workers.

Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshops
I am certified English teacher and published author who believes writing one, honest, true sentence from the heart is the first step of great work. I use exercises similar to Natalie Goldberg’s and my own unique approach to help participants to discover and communicate the stories that mean the most to us.

Workshop Costs: Costs will vary with each group due to location, size of group, and length of time. I roughly charge $300/day plus travel expenses, but I am willing to work with every group’s resources. Please contact me to craft a workshop that will specifically meet your needs.

Some thoughts on the retreats I lead…

I am bowled over by the beauty of the human spirit.

What I experience in the circle during these workshops guides my life. I want all beings to feel as seen, heard, and loved as we each feel on these weekends. I want all beings to have the opportunity to see the "other" as "self" and visa versa so that we can truly accept and love each other. I want all beings to feel the stirrings of their soul's longings and find the courage to manifest them. I lead these workshops because I believe that once a person experiences these things, they begin to attract into their lives the things, people, resources that will support a life filled with soul and presence and purpose. The workshops help people to shine more brightly and truthfully so that they can become their own soul flare -- their own beacon.

Refreshing.. Eloquent.. Spontaneous.. Inspiring.. Honest.. Kind.. Authentic.. Moving

Words used by University of Vermont students to describe Annie's talk on "Serving What You Love"

I am an inspired and unusual speaker passionate about ways to bring more purpose and soulfulness into people’s lives. I have spoken to college students about the importance of “doing what you love” and to high school students about the crucial role that “mistakes” have in a successful life.

I am willing to speak on any topic represented on the Soul Flare’s website or my blog.

Speaking rates: Rates are negotiable depending on location and financial need, but average would be $350 plus travel. I also donate a certain number of engagements each year, so please contact me if you are interested. Stay tuned for my travelling schedule for 2008.

As all of us are, I am much more than the sum total of all my experiences and certifications, but I will offer you a short list here: English and Creative Writing Teacher, Nanny, Newspaper Reporter, Choice Theory Certified, Tutor, Dorm Parent, Rock and Ice Climbing Instructor, Mountain Rescue Worker, Business Manager, Editor, Writer, Women’s Circle Member, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Marketing Writer, Author, Director of Residential Life at a school for the Learning Disabled, Mother of Two, One-Woman Show at Soul Flares!

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Keywords: Writing