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By: Sophsolutions  09-12-2011

USER Friendly designs..

User friendly, in terms of the Internet, is the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which users can achieve tasks on a website. It incorporates many aspects including functionality, structure, information architecture and content. These all affect the ease in which a website can be used by its intended audience. Users look for a website that is easy to learn, easy to use and that helps them achieve their defined goals. Through a defined process of research, design, and testing SSG provides client-centric solutions that focus on user experience to meet the expectation of our clients and their customers’ needs on the web. SSG experienced Management and Design teams apply a proven process to analyze and track your website users, and their intercation with your web presence. Combined with stakeholder goals, the SSG Team creates a website structure, design and roadmap that improves customer satisfaction as well as provide a measurable ROI. Improving the usability of a website can increase sales, reduce customer service calls, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Web Design and Branding..

SSG utilizes a structured and systematic approach to understanding and effectively reaching target markets for each Web and interactive solution that we produce. The approach followed by our custom website designers is formulated to achieve online branding and marketing success.

No technology solution can possibly be successful without a careful planning process that involves a current market analysis, examination of pains to be addressed–internally as well as externally–establishment of project objectives and an assessment of any business rules or measurement parameters that may affect the nature and scope of the solution. Effectively facilitating the process of gathering input from key organizational stakeholders and delivering a comprehensive, documented plan lowers overall risk and assures success for your project.

SSG’s experience in strategic planning covers a broad range of applications and objectives, from online marketing and branding strategies and their corresponding tactical elements to internal, IT processes and systems engineering. We utilize a time-tested, collaborative methodology to facilitate the development of comprehensive, strategic IT and business plans. This methodology has resulted in numerous successful implementations for clients across a broad of spectrum industries.

Contact us for more information about how SSG’s strategic planning experience can help you align your online needs with your future goals.

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SSG’ experts in IT strategy will guide your firm through initiatives ranging from IT governance to business process improvement to designing the most optimum application and technical architecture to ensure that your enterprise’s IT is leveraged and well positioned to support future profitability.


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SSGs’ business experience and capabilities include strategic IT consulting and guidance, graphic design and branding, eCommerce, enterprise portal development, electronic catalogs, document and knowledge management systems, and browser-based application architecture and development. We specialize in merging both traditional and contemporary communication technologies to provide our clientele with practical.


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The definition of Software Engineering is the study and practice of methods helpful for the construction and maintenance of large software systems.Sophsolutions' mission is to help clients develop high quality software. Our global team focuses on offering high-tech resources at competitive international rates. Fostering Strong Global Presence through Advanced Software Development Methodologies.