Precision fluid dispensing and filling equipment, 2 part meter mix, liquid, valves, nozzles, controllers

By: Solucare  09-12-2011

We focus on the precise handling of fluids across the viscosity spectrum. Our equipment is solid and robust and compact.

Filling: Equipment for the filling of cartridges, syringes and compules (unit doses) is offered, as well as for various rigid containers in the dental, hearing aid, adhesive and sealant, chemical, cosmetic and medical/biotech industries. The range includes high pressure filling, to handle extremely viscous materials, and piston inserters. Throughput requirements will determine whether the machines are handled by a multitasking human operator or complemented by our available robotic systems. While this particular group of units falls under the “Filling” title, there are numerous valves and systems within the dispensing range which can and do meet “Filling” needs (such as filling cartrilioids or handling prophy paste), so please visit that section as well if you don’t find what you need in this section.

We also offer a contract packaging service - we can accurately fill your containers and also package them ready for delivery to your customers.

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Dispensing: This includes dispense valves, controllers and robotic systems, as well as metering and mixing equipment and repetitive stepper pipettes. Dispensing nano liter, micro liter and milliliter volumes is handled with precision. Our products are suitable for numerous industries and we provide components and engineering expertise to machine and system integrators.

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Laboratory: While much of the dispensing and filling range meets the needs of laboratories, we have one specific product aimed at this market.

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Supplies: We offer a range of  disposables and reservoirs.

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Engineering consulting: Our problem solving philosophy focusses on the development of specialized dispense and filling techniques for a particular application or specifying equipment produced by multiple companies if this presents the best solution to your problem. Either through the use of existing components and units, or the development of a custom solution, you gain the benefit of working with a company that meets your needs when others can’t by solving intricate engineering problems.

Project Management: We apply a rigorous, PMP managed project management methodology during the design, manufacture, assembly and testing processes. If we are a part of a total solution, you have access to our expertise to manage the whole process.

Equipment Sourcing: If you don’t have the resources to take on equipment sourcing,  you can hand over this process to us. We charge a fixed fee to provide a service that starts with requirements definitions and ROI parameters through to negotiations, with the aim of helping you source the equipment best suited to your needs. The fixed fee ensures that we remain unbiased - any commissions we negotiate are passed on to you.

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