Orchesta™ Automated Infusion for Laboratory Research - model v dual use pump Pegasus

By: Solomon Scientific  09-12-2011
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Micropulsing, Dual-Use Pump (Pegasus®)
The Model 500-V is a unique pump designed for lower flow rates ranging from 0.01-15.00 mL/hr in tiny 0.8uL pulses, ideal for the infusion of csf test articles, short half-life test articles, and test articles requiring extremely precise infusion (±2%).  The Model 500-V delivery profile is profoundly "more continuous" than the relatively pulsatile delivery from other ambulatory pumps.  

Like the Model 500, it may be used as a large animal ambulatory pump or as a pole mount pump for rat or large animal infusions.

Keywords: Ambulatory Pump, Pole Mount, pump,

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Orchesta™ Automated Infusion for Laboratory Research - model dual use pump Pegasus

The Model 500 may be purchased for stand-alone use and later upgraded for Orchesta™ network use by purchasing the Orchesta automation software and wireless hardware. It is appropriate for use as both an ambulatory pump for canines, nonhuman primates, rabbits and other species and as well as a pole mount pump for tethered models. Ambulatory & Pole-Mount Pump The Orchesta™ Model 500 Dual Use pump is a unique device for laboratory animal infusion.


Model 100 Syringe Pump

To upgrade to the network pump, simply purchase the Orchesta™ automated software and wireless hardware which are fully compatible with the stand-alone pump. The Model 100 is a human-use hospital syringe pump with backup battery and multiple alarms. The Model 100 is the only hospital syringe pump capable of delivering from a 140mL syringe. Orchesta™ 220V Syringe Infusion Pump Model 100; for stand-alone and wireless network; CE.


Orchesta™ Automated Infusion for Laboratory Research - model software network

The Orchesta™ Model 100 system comprising Model 100 pumps, Windows-based software, and networking devices is validated, CE-marked, and GLP and Part 11 compatible. Optional Software Service, Support, & Maintenance. Pump Transceiver + Software Seat License.


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Solomon Scientific ownership possesses reliable expertise in matters including human and nonhuman use biomaterials and catheter fabrication..since 1983. Orchesta™ automates laboratory infusion, provides robust validation and GLP/Part 11 support, and supplies ambulatory Pegasus® pumps and syringe pumps. The market leader in plastic feeding tubes for oral dosing, Solomon Scientific now provides high-end metal feeding tubes at favorable pricing.


Pump Clamps & Mounts

Solomon Scientific designs and manufactures standard and custom pump clamps and mounts in stainless steel (or aluminum if preferred). They are available in a variety of forms to secure Model 100 and Model 500 pumps to racks, cages, slings, and poles. These clamps and mounts are highly robust and resist rust long-term.