Silicone snorkel set

By: Solesupfront  09-12-2011

silicone snorkel set with fins


Fins: The scuba flippers are supplied as a pair. With a soft comfortable foot cover with open toe and heal pull tab. Two over pressure slots in each scuba flippers blade gives a smoother foot action. Rubberised edges prevent the scuba flippers from grazing the inner legs whilst snorkelling.

Mask: High quality silicone mask with fully adjustable head strap. Silicone masks are the most comfortable to use and give a superior face seal.

Snorkel : Fitted with an anti flood tip, the tube is top of the range. Water and spray get trapped in the tip and expelled prior to entering the tube. If water enters the tube, it collects in the bottom of the mouth peace and can easily be expelled as the tube is fitted with a blow vale. A silicone mouth section gives a comfortable fit for prolonged snorkelling.

  • Single window design with 4mm tempered glass lens
  • Oversized lens enhances divers peripheral vision
  • Low interior volume for easy clearing
  • Double edge silicone skirt prevents water leaking
  • Liquid silicone skirt for extra comfort fit
  • Quality silicone mouth piece for comfort bite
  • Effective draining purge valve
  • A Top quality complete set.

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