By: Solargon  09-12-2011

"Our Solargon has exceeded all our expectations, both from the standpoint of cost efficiency and quality of the finished product. We are delighted that we came upon this option and would recommend it to anyone."

Bob Sutherland, Loveland, Colorado

"What a treat working with the ICS and Solargon team. Their devotion and commitment is unparalleled. Our community came together with ICS and erected our Solagon over the weekend. Then, my son’s and I finished the inside and outside. We have the R-value of 28 in our floor and walls and R-42 in the roof, and the air tight assembly adds to the ease of heating. We are so impressed with the ease of construction. The money saved in labor and time was a eye opener. We are now planning a Solargon village here at our Hummingbird Community as part of our infrastructure and facility development. The Solargon structures, and this way of building with SIPs technology, is for sure the future. I can’t imagine, once folks find out about this method of construction, that they would go back to the old stick frame building methods."

Makasha Roske, Mora, New Mexico

"Thanks to the Solargon design, the main structure went up very quickly so that we were able to get windows in and a roof on right away, followed by tar paper and siding. One thing that has impressed us lately is that, true to its design, the Solargon is quite warm inside simply on the basis of solar gain, even on frigid days! Also, the last time I was up there the wind was as fierce as I've seen it. The Solargon is solid! The Solargon has captured our attention as an outstanding "demonstrator" for the practicalities of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and wind energy sources in a highly efficient, high solar gain design with LED lighting, a small wood stove, composting toilet, and conservative water management."

Carrick Eggleston, Ph.D., Laramie, Wyoming

The install went great. We did the whole job (21 panels) in 8 hours with 4 guys. All the overhangs ended up within 1/16th of an inch. Great job on those; I guess the building was built square too. Thanks again and hope to work with you in the future."

Daniel Poten, EcoFutures Building, Boulder, Colorado

"It came out great. The panels seem to be performing very well. We’ve had a couple of cold nights and it stays nice and warm inside. In fact, my wife’s already got it loaded up with all her plants and they’re doing well and staying warm enough despite the coldness outside. Stunning success. I’m real pleased with everything and if you guys want to use us as a reference, that is absolutely fine with me. I’d be more than happy to give you guys a glowing recommendation. Your product and interactions and service were fantastic. Have anyone you want give us a call."

Jeff Rearick; Fort Collins, Colorado

"We would definitely recommend ICS SIPs. We’re happy with it. When the wind blows, you can hardly hear it. We’d definitely recommend you."

Wayne Dennis; Golden, Colorado

"Dear ICS:

I am writing to inform you of our great success with your product. As a custom home builder, we have seen and used many products in the marketplace and undoubtedly know yours has been the best construction system hands-down. We even chose to use your product for the construction of our own home. We started our home in October of 2005 during one of the worst winters in 10 years in Fraser, Colorado located close to alpine ski areas in the Continental Divide. Using the ICS panels proved to be a very good decision because of the cam lock system that allowed us to erect the home easier in very harsh conditions. There was no way that the house would have been erected as fast as it was by using stick built methods in over 2 feet of snow. I would highly recommend the ICS panels to anyone for ease, speed and lack of waste.

The high R-value for a 4 1/2” wall also increased our square footage and will provide for us exceptional consistent insulation as opposed to the typically used insulation that leaves gaps and inconsistencies in each framed wall as it can move during construction. Having been in the construction business for over 30 years, this has been a very enjoyable project.

Thanks ICS—Let’s do it again!"

Rick Hensley
Hensley Construction, Inc.
Fraser, Colorado

"To the entire crew @ICS-RM, Just a quick note to thank everyone for your excellent work and service far above and beyond the ordinary. The house looks and feels great. Everything is screwed down tight and feels very solid. Any potential customers needing a reference can be directed my way. Thank you, Joe Tuomey"

Joe Tuomey, Ignacio, Colorado

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