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By: Solar Stream Green Energy Group  09-12-2011
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Solar Stream Green Energy Group can offer owners of income properties commercial buildings and land a new opportunity for generating a sustainable income from their unusable space on the roof. Major corporations, small and mid size businesses, government agencies and school boards, are leading the charge and investing in solar. With a range government programs and incentives, now is the time to invest and secure the strongest return. Our flexible programs offer a wide range of options, from fully managed but wholly owned systems to project equity partnership, to leasing your roof space to our company for a 20 year lease contact with guaranteed income for 20 years (backed up by a government contract). Solar power generation is finally a financially sound and reliable investment with a secure unmatched rate of return (18-39% ROI). Talk to us about your thoughts and concerns, we will be sure to tailor a solution that will work perfectly for your interests and requirements.


Homeowners, farmers and small business owners, have the opportunity to develop a small or “micro” renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts or less in size) on their property. Most residential properties will fit under the MicroFIT program. It encompasses a simple process of installing a solar PV power generating system with a guaranteed rate of remuneration (80.2¢) from the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) through a 20 year contract.

The following steps offer a simplified description of the process from start to finish of a MicroFIT (up to 10Kw) Project:

  1. On Site visit and analysis to create a site efficiency report. A site efficiency report will indicate precisely how much energy and income the most efficient configuration can generate. Thus analyzing the actual projected revenue to be generated by our suggested system.
  2. Decide what size of solar solution is best to install based on the rate of return, location and budget constraints.
  3. Schedule an installation time for your solar array. A deposit will be required at this time for ordering of your equipment. At this point Solar Stream will commence the application process with OPA to receive the desired power generation contract.
  4. Solar Stream will manage the project with appropriate timelines and landmarks. We will obtain and arrange for all necessary permits, engineering specifications, drawings, equipment and the scheduling of the construction to complete the project in the most professional and efficient manner.
  5. Our project manager, installation team of experienced professionals and licensed electricians will build and complete the project on time and to specifications. Another payment will be made at this time.
  6. The system will pass an electrical safety inspection. Then the final OPA inspection will examine compliance with the conditional offer of the proposed contract. Their stamp of approval will lead to the final stage of connection to the grid and commencement of the MicroFIT power generation contract.
  7. Earn income on your solar array at a guaranteed rate of $0.802/kWh for the next 20 years.
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Keywords: Green Energy, Power Generation, Solar Power, solar power generation

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