A wide selection of products to fill your application needs

By: Solakllc  09-12-2011

We have a large selection of products that we can provide depending on your specific solution needs. We offer many that we can supply for you individual needs.

Our goal is to lower operation costs associated with process ventilation (i.e. dust, mist, or fumes.) Our ability to do this is different than most or all of our competition due to the fact that we can engineer new or existing collection systems.

Our evaluation of the particulate source helps determine the best method to achieve our mission, using various collection technologies, and our 35 years of experience helps the customer get the right solution.

All of our proposals contain written performance guarantee.

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In looking to fulfill your parts needs, we look for cost savings, identify correct part suppliers, identify alternative solutions that truly fit your needs. Our detailed analysis of the parts and techniques used to fulfill service orders is above and beyond that of our competition. We can help by assessing your facility and determining.