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By: Sogo  09-12-2011
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Soft music, dim lights, glowing candles, the scent of essential oils, and trained intuitive hands massaging your stressful day away. Ahhh…

We make sure each client is fully draped by a sheet except for the area being massaged to ensure a comfortable and professional environment. Client assessments are completed prior to every session and each session is adapted to the specific needs and & requests of YOU, the client.

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest healing arts on earth, and is the enhancement of the body, mind and spirit using aromatic botanical essential oils.

Each client is assessed prior to each treatment.

Once the health status of the client is established, our Certified Aromatherapist creates a new custom tailored essential oil blend for each clients specific needs. She applies this unique blend of oils, which are absorbed through the skin, mainly through massage and sometimes by compresses. She may also treat you by using a diffuser which, through inhalation, will trigger the brain to release neuro chemicals.

Massage therapy is a treatment for which you may already be paying.

Find out if massage therapy is covered by your health insurance company and if you need a prescription to be reimbursed for your treatments. Take advantage of your health benefits and book a massage today!

* Please Note: Sogo Body Therapy bills Blue Cross directly. Clients with other insurance providers will need to submit a claim including a Sogo Body Therapy service receipt.

Keywords: Aromatherapy, Body Therapy, Health Insurance, Massage, Massage Therapy