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By: Softwareshield  09-12-2011

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SoftwareShield Manual-Activator is a simple stand alone Win32 application that is so easy to use it can be operated by one of your support, accounting or even clerical staff. This saves your skilled development team time since you can delegate the processing of customer payments (including generating Activation Codes) to support staff.

In fact, the Manual-Activator is so quick and easy to use that once you are used to operating it, generating an Activation Code for a customer can take just seconds - saving valuable time and money.

Manual-Activator is one of the major strengths of the SoftwareShield System. Several pieces of information are packed into the Activation Codes it generates that handle everything from Authorization ID, code shelf-life date, system Finger-Prints and more. The Activation Codes it generates are all then encrypted in two layers using the extremely secure algorithm. The Manual-Activator issues strong Activation codes, to help thwart piracy.

By defeating piracy and thieves, your organization ensures that only legitimate copies of your software are in use and thereby increasing profitability.

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SoftwareShield CheckPoint License Server -

SoftwareShield™ CheckPoint License Server allows you to add central authentication / activation functionality to your application to deliver a truly world-class automated activation solution with a broad range of features. These interfaces include simple HTTP GET requests via a HTTP 1.1 compliant query string as well as a comprehensive SOAP web-service.


SoftwareShield License Manager -

With the level of flexibility that the SoftwareShield License Manager gives you, you can quickly create new licenses that meet the requirements of new customers and opportunities as they arise instead of committing major development time to redesigning a built-in licensing solution that works for only a single customer's situation.


Key Features of SoftwareShield's Licensing and Protection System

Depending on the edition you select, different SoftwareShield product tools and applications are included and available for you to implement. Automate Serial Number generation and activations by connecting to CheckPoint License Server. Wrapper technology that can be implemented without any changes to source code required. Create license projects in minutes with pre-configured license models. Unique to the IronWrap Edition.


SoftwareShield COM-Activator -

The DLL exposes an interface that can be created and accessed in any environment that supports COM. Use the COM-Activator component from environments like Visual Basic, MSVisual C++, MS.NET, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, and many others, including script languages like VBScript and Jscript. This allows you to seamless integrate activation functionality into any of your in-house applications that your support staff requires.


SoftwareShield IronWrap Protection -

This virtual system may contain a pre-defined license model, logic, and customizable user-interface elements to allow the user to interact with the IronWrap system itself. The system combines a multi-dimensional array of methods to protect your product is a highly secure package. SoftwareShield’s IronWrap is a sophisticated protection mechanism to protect your software applications.