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By: Social Styles  09-12-2011

Who you are can, and should, affect your career. That’s right, I said it. Most people can ramble on about what they have done and what they can do but when you ask them who they are, they draw a blank! Now I can’t tell you everything about yourself, but I can help you out [..]

Expressives are motivated by recognition, approval and prestige. They tend to appear communicative and approachable, often sharing their feelings and thoughts. They move quickly, continually ….

Driving styles want to know the estimated outcome of each option. They are willing to accept risks, but want to move quickly and have the final say……

Analyticals value facts above all, and may appear uncommunicative, cool and independent. They have a strong time discipline coupled with ….

Amiables are people-oriented, and care more about close relationships than results or influence. They usually appear warm, friendly and cooperative. Amiables tend to ….

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As a Facilitator or a Sales person Social Styles offers you a great opportunity with the Social Styles Community Site.


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Room D, 1634 University Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico Description: Social Style is the number one communications course taught in the world. Title: Social Styles Open Workshop Location: University of New Mexico Continuing Education Conference Center – North Bldg. Geared to help people understand themselves better and provide the skills to communicate.


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Companies frequently license the Social Style Model and concepts for use in a variety of training programs including leadership development, managerial skills, coaching programs, etc. Because Social Style is a reflection of how others see your behavior, there are a number of possible explanations why the Style might have changed.


Social Styles Communication Training | Archive

These tools can facilitate the decision making process for employers who are swamped with resumes and help a candidate who is ideally suited for a job to stand out. Career assessment tests are valuable for both sides of the equation.