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By: Social Styles  09-12-2011
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Title: Social Styles Open WorkshopLocation: University of New Mexico Continuing Education Conference Center – North Bldg. Room D, 1634 University Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, New MexicoDescription: Social Style is the number one communications course taught in the world. Geared to help people understand themselves better and provide the skills to communicate more effectively with other people. [..]

Dr. Kurt Kraiger, director of the Center of Organizational Excellence at CSU explained the findings. “We felt it was important to conduct a thorough evaluation of the three models and see if

Seven ways you can boost sales and thrive in the new economy #2: Boost your risk-busting communications skills In the new economy that is emerging around all of us, one of the key shifts we’re seeing is in the area of buyer motivation. Today, from consumers to corporate clients, the people who make the decision [..]

Copyright (c) 2009 Alan Gillies When it comes to making sales, business consultants around the world say it’s not entirely your verbal message that makes or breaks the business deal. Instead, it turns out that nonverbal communication is the most effective means for producing successful sales. Communication skills are a main area business coaching evaluates [..]

I’ve never been that big a fan of psychometric testing (the “science” of personality assessment), since Jim, Maria and myself were tested and found to be unemployable in any normal company due to a collective tendency to stroll along to the beat of our individual drums. So we retaliated by setting up an advertising agency [..]

Versatility is lowest for the youngest group in our study – people aged 30 and younger. These are the people with the least experience, so they are still figuring out how to get by and work productively with others. When we looked at the next oldest group, those aged 31 to 40, we found a substantial

One finding we noticed is that many women are Amiable and Expressive (60% combined), while more men tend to be Analytical and Driving (57% combined).

So this begs the question, since many women are more comfortable showing their emotions, does this make them more effective communicators?

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Leading human behavior course Social Styles announced the launch of their new website earlier this week. The unveiling of is the next logical step in…

The #1 human behavior course in the world, Social Styles, announced the unveiling of their new iPhone application

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