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By: Socalequine  09-12-2011

At the first winter rain, most of us run to the tackroom, searching through the black trash bags of stored horse blankets, only to find we forgot to have it washed after last season.the blanket may now have to be replaced! In this economic climate, it is more important than ever to protect the money we spend on our horses - and that is especially true for horse blankets!!

Lori's Horse Laundry knows it is so important to protect the investment in horse blankets, and offers many services which will contribute to their longevity - this results in big savings for training barns and individual horse owners. Owner Lori Campise knows firsthand how to get the most wear out of horse blankets. She has spent the last five years providing laundry and repair services throughout Southern California. She has seen the damages, smelled the ammonia, and brought so many of these tattered blankets back to life!

Lori's Horse Laundry is a specialty convenience service, where they will pick up orders for clients at barns, farms, ranches, stables and a few retail outlets; the pick up and delivery is included at no extra charge! Then she washes and line dries the blankets, makes the necessary repairs, and delivers them back to the clients. Through her experience, Lori has developed an effective washing system using non-agitating washers (these can break down horse blankets), hypo-allergenic gentle laundry soap, and drying on the line instead of in a dryer. They handle everything from heavy blankets (canvas, fur/felt lined), stable blankets, rain sheets, day sheets, summer fly sheets as well as hoods, western/english saddle pads, leg wraps, shipping boots and even dog blankets!

Another way to save money on blankets is to repair them instead of replacing them. Lori prides herself on being direct with the client if the repair cost is going to be more than the blanket is actually worth. She will always contact the client with this information so they can make the choice whether they want to spend the money on the repairs or choose to purchase another blanket. Often, she can recommend brands and products that she knows have more durability - in fact, Lori's Horse Laundry also represents a few select blanket product lines with products she can confidently recommend. So it is truly a one stop shop where you can clean, repair or replace your horses' blankets - all with the convenience of pick up and delivery or mail order!

Lori's Storage Tip: Once you have received your cleaned blankets back from her service, Lori recommends storing them in covered containers, in a tack box, or even use the popular Space Bags - don't forget to label the containers with the blanket size and/or the horse's name so you don't have to rummage through to find the right one. Proper storage will keep them fresh and ready to be used at the first sign of rain next season!

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