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By: Snyder Heritage Farms  09-12-2011
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Our family has been farming for over 100 years, but it wasn’t until 1999 that we started growing Turkeys.  At that time we grew turkeys just like everyone else, using commercial feeds and standard growing practices.  It didn’t take us long to realize that there were quite a few things we could do to improve the health and quality of life for the birds.

We began with regular water testing to make sure that only palatable water was used. Wood shavings and straw were used to keep the birds dry and clean, and natural ventilation was used whenever possible to ensure good air quality.  The most significant improvement we made was feed quality.  Yes, the large corporations do make feed, but they don’t always use the most nutritious or best quality ingredients.  For example, animal by-products (meat, poultry and bone meal) and bakery by-products are commonly used in commercial feeds.

We knew we could do better than this and started making our own feed from the crops we grow on our farm, mainly corn, wheat and soybeans.  In 2010 our feed crops continue to be GMO-free, as they have been for years.  We mill the feed on the farm from our own corn ,wheat and soy meal adding vitamins, minerals and probiotics to guarantee a well balanced, high quality feed. The results we’ve seen are excellent.  We are producing a stronger, healthier bird with no more heart attacks when stressed, fewer crippled birds due to stronger legs, improved grades of meat and a happier bird.  It is easier to grow the birds drug-free, using better management practices combined with quality feed, and we are producing a higher quality meat for our customers.

The turkeys are fresh frozen (within hours of processing) and cryovac packaged, to provide the best and safest product for you.   “Fresh” turkey is not always as fresh as you might think.  Look at the processing date, not the best before date, to determine just how “fresh” that fresh turkey really is.  We stand behind the quality and safety of our products.  Due to our success with the turkeys, in 2009 we began growing chickens following exactly the same feed and management practices we use with our turkeys.

Available product (all fresh frozen and cryovac packaged to guarantee food safety and Quality)

Whole Turkeys 15lbs- 21lbs  $2.55lb  Turkey Breast  $6.45lb

Orlopp Bronze Birds 14lbs-21lbs  $3.10lb

Whole Chickens 6lbs – 10lbs   $2.55        Soup parts   $5

Turkey Wings   $2.00lb       Turkey Tenders   $7.45lb

Ground Turkey    $6.45lb   (breast and thigh meat no skin or water added)

Turkey Thighs $6.45 lb( boneless skinless)  Drums   $2.25lb

Kevin & Anne Snyder 1213 Maple Bend Rd. Breslau, Ontario

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Keywords: Birds, Turkey

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