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By: Smv Brokers  09-12-2011
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Let's face it.. most people do not enjoy shopping for a vehicle. They often find it a time consuming, confusing, intimidating and incredibly frustrating process.  And at the end of the day, they usually don't know if they got a good deal or were taken to the cleaners. 

This is precisely what we at SMV Brokers aim to eliminate.  We work with our clients to determine the best vehicle to meet their unique needs and budget, and then go about shopping the wholesale vehicle market across North America to find candidate vehicles that match those requirements at the best possible price. 

Throughout the process, we provide our clients with as much relevant information about the candidate vehicles (including history, condition and market values) so that our clients will be able to make the best possible decision in selecting the right vehicle for purchase.  But it doesn't end there.  When we have finally found and acquired the perfect vehicle for our client, we then personally go about to ensure that the vehicle is as represented and in top physical condition through multiple levels of inspection.  If there are any issues outstanding with the vehicle, we take care of them.  If the vehicle is not as represented, then we continue our search for another suitable candidate.  If the vehicle is coming from afar, we take care of getting the vehicle delivered.  If the vehicle is coming from the US, we take care of everything required to successfully import the vehicle, transfer the warranties and register the vehicle in Canada (including the payment of all required duties and taxes at the border).  And finally, we ensure that the vehicle is detailed and ready to be enjoyed by our client, including providing our client with sufficient orientation to their new vehicle to ensure they are able to fully enjoy their newly acquired vehicle.

This is truly a turn-key concierge service that we provide to our clients. We do everything in our power to ensure that we never get to a point where our clients are not completely satisfied and happy with their purchase.  At the end of the day we rely almost exclusively on word-of-mouth marketing, so the satisfaction of our clients is paramount to our success. 

To help you understand the vehicle acquisition process, we have broken it down into a number of key steps:

Keywords: vehicle