Services Offered by SMF Antenna

By: Smf Antenna  09-12-2011
Keywords: System Integration, Radio Telescopes

System Integration Management

SMF Antenna is capable of project and field management of large multi-discipline, precision/custom antennas and radio telescopes used for space exploration and communication, as well as industries that require a multi-discipline background.  Previous projects have generally lasted between 1-4 years, and included work with the customer and several international subcontractors during fabrication and overseas installation.  A carefully planned schedule can be developed, tracked, and updated for the customer.  The management work can be done remotely, at the customer’s headquarters, or at the site.

Antenna/Radio Telescope Fabrication Management

SMF Antenna is capable of fabrication management of in-house or customer designed hardware to the highest quality.  This will be done by working closely with new or established vendors that have industry experience and understand the high quality needed during fabrication in order to have a successfully operating antenna or radio telescope.

On-site Management

SMF Antenna is capable of on-site management of the mechanical and electrical installation/alignment process.  This work can include scheduling and interacting with the subcontractors for the structural, mechanical, and electrical installation.  SMF personnel are also capable of aligning the various assemblies as described below. 

Mechanical/Structural Installation & Alignment

SMF personnel are capable of precision alignments of the subassemblies, including, but not limited to, panels, secondary mirrors, feeds, bearings, gears/pinions, encoders, wheels, etc., as well as difficult installations of the structure and subassemblies.  This can be done in conjunction with the installation subcontractor.  This type of work can be done for a newly installed structure or subassembly, as well as a refurbishment or realignment of an antenna or radio telescope already in-use.

Panel Alignment

SMF Antenna is capable of performing precision alignments by photogrammetric method and/or simpler alignments by optical method.  SMF Antenna works in conjunction with established companies in the photogrammetric field.  This type of work can be done for either a newly installed set of panels, as well as a realignment of a panel surface already in-use.  An example of the precision achieved is 50-micron RMS for a set of 21-meter reflector panels, with the ability to reach greater precision based on the customer's needs.

Keywords: Radio Telescopes, System Integration,