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By: Smc Performance Plus  09-12-2011
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What We Do

Working with key stakeholders in your organization we can;

1. Determine the performance drivers that can best assist your organization;

2. Identify and prioritize high-impact performance improvement projects that will help your organization           exceed your customer expectations and achieve your vision, mission and core business objectives.

3. Design and support large scale transformational initiatives that will help your organization achieve its’           strategic vision through a collaborative high-performance team-based continuous improvement culture. 

Unique Customized Consulting Services

SMC Performance Plus offers your organization a unique consulting experience that is committed to maximizing your existing resources.  We will work with you each step of the way and develop your own internal resources to competently lead your performance improvement initiatives.  

Using a proven train-the-trainer/teacher-leader coaching model your organization will be provided a wide range of proven tools and resources that can be supported by your operating systems and deliver a sustainable performance improvement solution.  

  • Performance Needs Analysis Consultation

    To begin, we provide our clients a customized performance needs analysis consultation. This important first step will ensure that the recommended performance improvement initiatives will address your identified need.

  • Four-pronged Performance Framework for Success

    Timing is everything, and getting to the heart of the issue quickly will help your organization gain momentum and experience immediate benefit from your improvements.

  • People/Leadership Development

    Learn to harness the power of your people.  The People/Leadership performance driver will help you to fully maximizing the diverse talents in your organization.  Whether working with a large, mid size or small human resource base, knowing what knowledge and skills you need to move forward and understanding where your strengths and opportunities lie will focus you efforts and provide you your greatest benefit.

    It has been our experience that the less tangible aspect of the workplace is often the most underestimated.  SMC Performance demystifies the soft side of business by linking people and leadership performance directly to the hard core elements of your daily operations.

  • Product/Service Quality Excellence

    Your core product/service is the reason you are in operation.  Consistently meeting and exceeding your customers’ needs is what sets you apart from your competitor.  The key to achieving high levels of service satisfaction is to first know what your customers want.  Helping your people to experience your organization from your customers’ point of view will provide your people both a competitive and compassionate advantage.


  • Process Improvements

    Experience suggests that most processes operate at 10% efficiency. This is not because your people don't want to perform better, but instead are often unaware of needless delays, repetition and redundant re-work that are intrinsically ingrained into many of our workplace systems and daily practices.  Imagine the gains that could be made, if employees were empowered to combat the "just the way we have always done it mindset" and were instead engaged in continuous improvement activities that could eliminate the day-to-day frustrations that negatively impacts their ability to do their job and better meet your customers’ needs.  

  • Profitability and Results Driven

    Using the 80/20 rule you can ensure you are focusing on the right performance improvement initiatives (20% of your performance related activities cause 80% of your performance problems).  By aligning your employees daily deliverables with your “critical to quality customer satisfaction” factors and strategic objectives you can ensure your entire organization is working to consistent priorities.

    Provide your leadership team access to this winning formula and help your organization focus on its "critical few" priorities.  It is this clarity of purpose that can ensure your organization can maximize the benefit of their performance enhancing efforts.

Keywords: performance improvement