Staff management, time and attendance, payroll, and labor management software systems for long term care, eldercare and healthcar

By: Smartlinx Solutions  09-12-2011

Take control of your employees

Time & Attendance streamlines labor management from employee punch-in to payroll processing by automating nearly every step along the way. By utilizing the unique schedule restrictions and analysis tools that are available to you from SmartLinx, you can take control of your employees and make sure that they adhere to the scheduled shifts proactively and not re-actively. When an employee attempts to punch in at an unscheduled time, several restriction levels are offered. These restrictions can be in the form of a warning, or can require authorization by a supervisor, either at the time clock itself or within the application where these punches are identified and highlighted.

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Schedule Optimizer – Staff scheduling, time and attendance, workforce management software system

The program accommodates each organization's specific requirements and staffing preferences, such as employee seniority and preferences, union requirements, pay rates, and governmental rules and regulations. With Schedule Optimizer, you will have the ability to control overtime and agency costs, with critical information at your fingertips - information that will be available to you for all of your facilities.