By: Smartflex Technology  09-12-2011
Keywords: Linux, Terminal Server, Thin Client Computing

Linux and Thin Client Network Consulting and Training for Reseller, IT Departments, Educational Institutions and Small Businesses

 Reseller Consulting:

  • Linux Deployment Consulting
  • Thin Client and Terminal Server Deployment Consulting
  • Project Consulting & Support
  • Linux Development Consulting
  • Linux Marketing Consulting

 IT Department & End User Consulting:

  • Switching from Windows to Linux
  • Integrating Linux in Windows environments
  • Linux in Small Business Consulting
  • Linux Deployment and Integration Consulting

By many, Linux is perceived as a difficult to handle or deploy Operating System. In an attempt to support their own turf, this myth is fueled by manufacturers, resellers and service providers of Linux competing products and services. Nothing is further from the truth! Linux provides more avenues to design end user friendly working environments and products than any other available operating system.
The challenge is to accept that Linux requires some effort to master the ins and outs, just like you had to master your current operating system. The good news is that if you have experience with competing operating systems it is rather easy to switch to Linux. Linux is very end user friendly and adaptable at the same time. Linux on the Desktop has arrived and is here to stay.
We employ and contract the most experienced Linux developers and integrators. The combined knowledge of these SmartFLeX Technology resources is now available to YOU.
As a Linux product design company, SmartFLeX Technology is a knowledge portal for YOU, providing you with services that will enable YOU to get the most out of Linux. Resellers can use our services to create new products, services and markets. End users can use our services to solve their day-to-day Linux challenges. In addition, our company provides a wide range of Linux products that are tested solutions to build a Linux business or infrastructure.

Similar statements can be made about Thin Client computing. It is regarded by many reseller as a lesser business opportunity than selling more PCs. Again nothing could be further from the truth. Thin Clients are specialized dedicated networked PC devices. Many times their price is similar to a cheap PC, but they provide a much better margin if sold properly and with knowledge. Thin Client computing generates tremendous revenue opportunities on the server, OS and service side of any resellers business.

For the IT department and small business, or educational institutions Thin Client technology provides unparalleled stability and control over their end user computer workplaces. For the end user Thin Client technology means higher productivity due to the higher availability of Thin Clients versus individual PC, without loosing the convenience of the common PC type desktop environment they are used to. For any company deploying Thin Client Computing end user security and virus problems on the end user workstation are a thing of the past.

SmartFLeX Technology offers consulting and training services that help you to learn about Linux and Thin Client computing in general. We help you to determine if either technology is right for you, and we can guide you during the process of implementation. You have nothing to loose, our products and services are tested, approved and used by Retail Organizations, Schools, Government Agencies, Call Centers and almost any other business one can think off. 

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Keywords: Linux, Terminal Server, Thin Client Computing

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