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By: Slainte Technologies  09-12-2011

Sláinte Healthcare’s Billsure enables automated invoice generation for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

Billsure manages the entire billing process, changing a paper-based process to a traceable electronic process. Billsure also fully integrates with Sláinte Healthcare’s Claimsure application, automatically associating any invoice for insurers to the relevant electronic claim.

Billsure enables the invoicing requirements of any hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers. It is ideal for consultants wishing to execute all its billing requirements with comprehensive visibility and tracking throughout the entire billing cycle.


  • Convenience – Procedures and bed charges automatically created by default, based on full integration with existing  PAS and EPR systems;
  • Fully integrated with Claimsure – a bill raised  in Billsure is automatically associated with the relevant claim if the patient is insured;
  • Suitable for multi-site rollout on one instance – Full visibility of billing activity in all sites;
  • Procedure code rules management configuration;
  • Rapidly deployed and implemented;
  • Automated post-service billing as charges are  fed through automatically;
  • Easy to navigate in between billing and claims where Billsure is deployed in conjunction with Claimsure – no logging out/logging in;
  • Role-based access and audit trail – depending  on use profile, certain users can enter payments/edit invoices etc while  others can’t;
  • Full audit trail of user activity and interventions/adjustments; and
  • Configurable procedure rates – rates can be configured to be adjusted according to certain rules (e.g. patient type, cost  bearer, service type etc).

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