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By: Skye Systems  09-12-2011
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Professional Services — skye

Telecom Fraud Management Services

Telecom fraud has grown to the point where it is now estimated to be more attractive than the world wide illegal drug trade.  Ulike most Information Systems security breaches, fraudsters target a firm's people and processes.  And while they may use sophisticated technologies to aid them in this regard, for the most part, they simply rely upon  deception.

World wide, the telecom industry losses more than $55 billion dollars per year.  And as  service providers gear up to address this concern,  their customers are often left to fend for themselves.

Skye offers a comprehensive series of Fraud Awareness seminars and in-house training programmes.    We  also perform audits as well vulnerability assessments and  work with you to reduce your exposures due to improperly trained people, inadequate processes and unprotected technologies.

VoIP Planning & Engineering

A Skye knowledge expert will not only assist you in the formulation of better solutions for your voip systems, we will also mentor your team on how to plan and implement them. Our collaborative mentoring approach ensures that the knowledge gleamed while we work with you is transferred in-house and remains useful, long after we have left. 

We also offer expert coaching programmes to train members of your staff how to plan and engineer voip networks, how to complete traffic engineering studies, deploy the appropriate technologies and maintain your system to the highest quality levels.  Whether its setting up and administering a billing support system, or managing core business planning processes, we don’t just train you, we mentor you.

With years of regulatory and interconnect job assignments behind us, we  help steer your  planning process through any and all regulatory, financial as well as licensing issues. We can also assist you with any costing and pricing decisions as well as the development of your business case for your voip deployments.  We also schedule  a number of hands-on equipment labs throughout the year or will gladly  set one up at your locale.

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