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By: Sky Guard Falconry  09-12-2011
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   As has been noted on various websites, in the pest bird control industry most businesses are sole proprietorships with a small staff. Sky Guard Falconry maintains a minimum team of 5 qualified bird control specialists with several assistants training under those handlers. Our team provides varied fields of expertise from wildlife rescue, to animal control and trapping, and our staff can provide competent falconry and dog training. Sky Guard Falconry believes in the humane reatment off all animals.

   This is reflected in their attitude and actions with regard to dealing with pest birds. There is rarely any necessity to kill pest birds as they are easily conditioned to avoid areas where birds of prey – raptors such as hawks and falcons – are found to frequent. If there is a physical danger for human and animal, the case around airport properties, then Sky Guard will consider lethal methods. However, the goal of the team is to provide pest control through natural deterrents, not through wholesale death and destruction.

   Sky Guard Falconry is a company dedicated to clearing out flocks of wild, pest birds. Our trained falcons and licensed falconers offer a cost effective, environmentally safe, alternative method for the removal of pest birds from vineyards, farms and other commercial or residential premises as well as airfields and golf courses.You can protect your business and property by choosing Sky Guard Falconry to eliminate your pest problem. Without the use of poisons, trapping, or shooting, we guarantee to keep your property free from the destruction of pest birds.

   A trained falcon, flown by licensed falconer, has proven to be the most effective way to eliminate Canadian geese, gulls, starlings, blackbird, crows, seagulls, pigeons, and other pest from targeted properties. Pest bird species perceive falcons as real threat to their safety, which, indeed, they are.

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Keywords: Animal Control, Animals, Trained Falcons