By: Skin Sense Esthetics & Aromatics  09-12-2011

Aurora Wellness Facial Massage Cream:
Use daily to remove make-up and oil, tones and moisturizes. Ingredients include tea tree and essential oils. 91% organic and vegan.

Aurora Wellness Facial Cleanser:
Use daily to remove bacteria. Helps against acne, ingrown hairs, and skin disorders and maintains healthy skin. Ingredients include Organic Tea Tree oil. Paraben Free. Aurora Wellness Facial Scrub Cream:
Use weekly to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Ingredients include organic lavender oil, natural pumice and Almond shell. Aurora Wellness Rose Water:
Use daily. Facial toner and skin re-freshener. Helps to close pours and tightens skin. Ingredients include pure rose oil extract. Bodyography Mineral Make-Up:
Veil Foundation Primer :
extends wear of foundation, prevents color fading, safe for sensitive skin tone and fills in fine lines and wrinkles. 3% Dermaxyl for anti aging effects, plumps up skin by 40%, weightless feel on the skin and over time aids in evening out skin tone.
Neutral: conceals dark circles under eyes and adds warmth to the skin
Purple: evens out sallow skin tones and brightens skin appearance
Green: erases redness and reduces the appearance of blotchiness
Clear: for all flawless finish, apply after skin care, but before foundation Natural Finish Foundation:
Long-wearing formula, non-irritating to sensitive skin, dermatologist recommended and safe for post-cosmetic surgery, waxing and electrolysis. Natural finish foundation is an oil-free liquid formula that is enriched with mineral seaweed extracts. These extracts help to hydrate the skin and allow the skin to retain its moisture. Oxyplex Sheer Cheek Color:
Creates a soft, radiant glow thatÂ’s ideal for all skin types. Benefits include easy to apply, blends and goes on sheer, non-irritating formula infused with rich botanicals to calm and sooth the skin. Oxyplex Loose Complexion Powder:
Complexion Powder is a breathable anti-aging mineral powder that allows for all day wear. This lightweight, versatile formula can be layered for desired coverage and can enhance the skin with a hint of glow and brightness. Can be used as a sheer foundation or finishing powder. Benefits include; disguises and camouflages minor imperfections through light reflection technology, vitamins A.C.& E provide essential daily nutrients.

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