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By: Skillsmeridian  09-12-2011
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Today’s  organizations are already running at maximum capacity. SkillsMeridian provides a complete range of recruiting services to make your job easier. We provide local and global searches, conduct detailed candidate assessments, and help you attract top talent to your organization.

If you are dealing with international candidates, SkillsMeridian will look after immigration processing, help you design relocation packages and help you with workforce integration consulting to ensure that the hiring and landing of global resources is timely and effective.

Need to find ways to do more with your resources and reduce your costs? With our depth of international experience, SkillsMeridian can help you set up, and operate an Off Shore Development Centre or help you find and manage the right Out Sourcing Partner.

Whether SkillsMeridian helps you hire local or global candidates, contract out, or off shore your resources, the key is to find the RIGHT resources.  Let SkillsMeridian SAILS Process work for you.

SkillsMeridian SAILS Process

SkillsMeridian has developed a unique and comprehensive process to quickly move good candidates through from the time we start recruiting to the start of employment.


We have developed a unique approach to finding great IT people. We will work with you to properly position your company and the roles you have available. We already have local (Canada and US) and international candidates in our database for common IT positions and have pre-qualified their abilities and interest.


The key to our process is our ability to assess and evaluate a candidate. SkillsMeridian uses a number of tools to conduct IT, language and competency based assessments. Tools include multiple levels of scripted interviews, questionnaires, and problem solving tests. You don’t see a resume until we have completed a detailed assessment on a candidate. SkillsMeridian can also help you conduct detailed checks on the candidates including criminal, credential checks and employee references. We can also apply any specific tests or qualifiers that our customers use.


Businesses do not operate locally anymore. Highly skilled IT resources are available across the globe. If you are looking for very specialized resources, or looking for ways to reduce your costs, SkillsMeridian are experts in recruiting international candidates for you.

SkillsMeridian can look after the entire immigration process for you if you wish to hire or contract international candidates. The timeframe for the employee to arrive depends on the source country and the position but generally speaking, SkillsMeridian can deliver candidates to your doorstep in about the same amount of time it takes to find a good candidate locally.


There is a war for talent even in a soft economy. The best candidates always have options. SkillsMeridian works with your HR organization and the new employee to assist with the landing process for new candidates. Retention is the key and our passion for finding the right match will ensure our candidates are more productive and stay with your organization longer.


SkillsMeridian conducts regular follow ups with our customers and our candidates well after our search is done to ensure the candidate is successful and to help us learn what we can do even better.

Keywords: IT resources, recruiting