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By: Skier's Edge  09-12-2011
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The Skier's Edge offers a series of ski training machines to match your skiing goals. They are the most complete ski performance technical conditioning systems available today. Choose the type of skiing you like or want to master and go for it! Tight turns, deep powder, steep bumps or cruising runs, the Skier's Edge ski simulators and ski training devices have it all and will deliver results quickly. Plus, once the ski season is over, they're the best cross-training machines available.

Step 1: Select a Skier's Edge frame. The Skier's Edge machines come in three different frames that vary in profile and resistance, starting with the Classic, the Big Mountain, and the World Cup Plyometric Power Series. Read more about the frames below to see which is right for you.

All-New Skier's Edge QS5

All-New QS5 The QS5 is the most significant advancements in the 20-year history of the Skier’s Edge. The QS5 feels like skiing 5 inches of new powder on a corduroy base, so quiet you can hear your heartbeat, so smooth you won’t want to stop. Dramatically improve your skiing in just one season and get into great, year-round shape with your Skier’s Edge. You can do it - this season!

Skier's Edge Platforms & Accessories

Step 2: Select Platforms & Accessories for your Skier's Edge frame. There are over 13 different options to accommodate different skiing styles and techniques.

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Skier's Edge QS5 SKi Simulator

Create the smoothest and quietest Skier’s Edge ever, and make it so earlier machines could be upgraded to this state-of-the-art performance. The QS5 feels like skiing 5 inches of new powder on a corduroy base, so quiet you can hear your heartbeat, so smooth you won’t want to stop. The QS5 was a design challenge with 2 objectives.


Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power™ Series The ultimate racing machine used by the world's greatest racers

It perfectly simulates full leg extension and retraction, teaches you to quiet your upper body and angulate onto both edges while building quick, explosive power in your legs. The Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power™ machine will boost your strength, speed, power, agility, coordination and balance. This intense, anaerobic training tool will help you master the toughest GS, slalom, super G, and downhill courses in the world.


Skier's Edge Big Mountain Series Ski Simulator

With a higher profile and more range of motion than the Classic Series, the Big Mountain Series captures the feeling of steeper mountains, deeper powder, and bigger bumps. It's the ultimate carving machine for those who like the intensity and excitement of "Big Mountain" skiing.