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By: Oil Depot  09-12-2011

AMSOIL’s Synthetic Gear Lube line-up offers unparalleled protection, maximum efficiency and extended service capabilities under even the most severe operating conditions. There is a product for all automotive, trucking and racing applications. As differentials and gear boxes are rarely serviced, only the best lubricants should be considered. These products most certainly fit the bill.

Severe Gear

Severe Gear Racing Gear Lube

Long Life Synthetic Gear Lubes

Universal Marine Gear Lube

Slip Lock Differential Additive

AMSOIL Hand Pump For Bottles

Helpful Differential Recommendations:

  • Flush (drain) as much of the old fluid out.
  • Differential fluid capacity depends on ring gear and axle housing size.
  • Do not over/under fill differential. This could mean a capacity difference of a quart or more and may cause over heating problems. (See the owner’s manual for proper fill level)
  • Although AMSOIL gear oils are formulated with friction modifiers for limited slip differential applications, add all or part of a bottle of Slip Lock Differential Additive (or OEM equivalent) to illuminate the possibility of gear chatter.
  • After changing the differential fluid, drive the vehicle in 7 or 8 figure eight turns, so new lubricant can work its way into the axle assembly.

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Premium synthetic basestocks and additives deliver the ultimate performance and protection in any climate for up to one year or 25,000 miles. OE Series Synthetic Motor Oils outperform conventional motor oils for value-minded motorists. Formulated for the extreme RPM’s and operating temperatures of competition. Signature Series is AMSOIL’s premiere product line for gasoline engines.