Morris Industries Ltd. - Packer/Harrow Bars

By: Morris Rod Weeder  09-12-2011

Packing and harrowing are ideal seedbed preparation tools to help manage heavy straw, smooth rough fields or perform effective post-seeding packing.

Rangler III

The Rangler III is a wing-up packer harrow bar. Attach it behind an air seeding system to seed, pack and harrow at the same time. The Rangler III saves time, labor and fuel during your seeding operation.

Field Pro

The Field Pro is ideal for spreading and breaking up residues. It also provides excellent granular chemical incorporation, seedbed preparation and functionality as a finishing harrow.

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Morris Industries Ltd. - Air Carts

Smooth balanced airflow, accurate metering, easy rate adjustments and in-cab monitoring are some of the ways Morris brings precision to your operation. This makes for more efficient use of farmland and increased overall fuel savings, as it is easier to pull equipment on compacted soil. Features include accurate metering and distribution, and single- or double-shoot options and tow-behind or tow-between configuration.


Morris Industries Ltd. - Morris 360 Service

That’s why we created Morris 360 Service™—to provide Morris customers with around-the-clock troubleshooting access to our Technical Support Specialists. With just one call, you’ll be connected to a real person with technical expertise to help solve your problem, day or night. When you have an emergency during seeding you need help right away.


Morris Industries Ltd. - Air Drills

Heavy packer tubing, improved wing lift geometry and added hitch trussing on the larger units provide greater strength and reliability. Many drills can do a good job of seeding in ideal conditions, but it takes an excellent drill to do a great job in tough conditions. Optional front row coulters safely place fertilizer on undisturbed soil and optimize trash clearance.