EMW Industrial - Grain Processing

By: Emw  09-12-2011

30 Years in Agriculture

EMW Agriculture Division has developed and maintained relationships with the agriculture industry over the past 30 years. We strive to work with companies that have similar values and commitments, and are dedicated to high safety standards.

EMW works with grain companies to maintain, upgrade, and construct the equipment needed for ideal productivity in today’s competitive market. Services EMW provides include grain cleaning system maintenance and overhauls, dockage tester repairs and certification and 3rd party inspections to help businesses comply with ISO standards.

Dust Control

EMW is able to design and install state-of-the-art dust control mechanisms to serve your company. From the first drafts to the fabrication and install, we work with your company to give you the best solution to dust control in your unique environment.

Other products and services from Emw


EMW Industrial - Painting and Blasting

Our painting department is equipped to take on many painting and blasting challenges that come with the different industries and have the resources to adapt to your specific requirements. Environmentally friendly booth that features environmentally safe cleaners and scrubbers. EMW is in the finishing stages of creating a state-of-the-art paint facility.


EMW Industrial - Industrial

EMW can provide a top notch preventative maintenance program for your assets, or we can provide your site a complete overhaul, or upgrades as required. We can install and conduct non-intrusive monitoring systems, such as heat monitoring, vibration analysis, thickness testing and laser alignment.