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By: Tec Water  09-12-2011
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Including Water Testing, Assessments, Repairs, Replacements, Installation, Quotes

If you are seeking advice, please phone us or stop in to inform us of your water situation. We offer advice on water treatment, including equipment operation and maintenance.

SGI replacement and damage quotes
Community infrastructure grant referrals

Water Testing
We offer testing of: pH, hardness, iron, TDS . Ship, or bring us a sample of your water.
We can analyze Provincial Lab water results.

Water System Assessments
Service-calls for assessments, repairs, maintenance.
Onsite: Pump or system tests, filter bed requirements.

Equipment Improvements

We can adapt your existing equipment to better serve you.
Repairs, maintenance, replacements, upgrades, installation.
Customization: replacements, additions, upgrades, designs.

Water-Source Treatment
Dugout, river, lake source treatment, (please phone.)
Well treatment: Improve well flow and water quality, (please phone).
Cistern Cleaning: Professional Services
We use potable water cleaning equipment, a specialized cleaning agent (Floran Technologies), and “muscle-power” to remove: iron stains, sludgy bacteria biofilms, and algae.

Keywords: Provincial Lab

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Softeners Built with your specific family size in mind.“Smart-clock” features for saving water, and money.Media, Res-Care.Advice on Softener care and operation.Servicing. Water-Testing Kits & Supplies Portable hand-held meters for Chlorine, pH, Iron.Municipal testing kits and suppliesPool kits.Assistance with Provincial Lab results. Water Treatment Systems - Individualized for your specific water. Fittings/ Pipe/ Valves To 3 inch diameter.