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By: Tec Water  09-12-2011
Keywords: Water Treatment, Filters, Reverse Osmosis

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Water-Testing Kits & Supplies
Portable hand-held meters for Chlorine, pH, Iron.
Municipal testing kits and supplies
Pool kits.
Assistance with Provincial Lab results.

Water Treatment Systems - Individualized for your specific water:

Pressure Systems
Professionally sized for your specific requirements.
Pumps: Jet & Submersible (0.5 to 15 Horsepower), Aeration – Effluent – Chemical
Pressure Tanks: 1.5 to 35 Gallon
Repairs and replacements.

Filter Systems:
Carbon Filters ~ Iron Filters ~ Sand Filters ~ Reverse Osmosis
Taste, Odor, Chlorine, Iron, Sediment & Particles, TDS Reduction
Size: 8 to 72 inch diameter housings. Valves: up to 3 inch inlet/outlets
Media: Stone-bases, Activated Carbon, Complete “Multi-Medias”, Manganese Greensand, Birm.
Replacement Filters and Membranes.

Built with your specific family size in mind.
“Smart-clock” features for saving water, and money.
Media (resin), Res-Care (softener cleaner).
Advice on Softener care and operation.

Ultra-Violet Sterilizers for Disinfection

Chlorine: 12% Industrial, Super-Pucks, Pellets
Hydrogen Peroxide
Flocculants: Clear-Pac and Alum
Iron-Out (for you laundry)
Descaler (for calcium build-up)

Fittings/ Pipe/ Valves
To 3 inch diameter.

Keywords: Filters, Provincial Lab, Reverse Osmosis, Treatment Systems, Water Treatment, Water Treatment Systems

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Tec-Water Supplies Inc. - Saskatchewan, Canada - services

Cistern Cleaning: Professional ServicesWe use potable water cleaning equipment, a specialized cleaning agent, and “muscle-power” to remove: iron stains, sludgy bacteria biofilms, and algae. Water System Assessments Service-calls for assessments, repairs, maintenance.Onsite: Pump or system tests, filter bed requirements. If you are seeking advice, please phone us or stop in to inform us of your water situation.