Candidate Screening and Review Package

By:  04-12-2013
Keywords: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Service Provider will act as an objective associate of your business, guiding you through the process of selecting the best candidates to interview through any or all of the below services. Resume Collection, Sorting, and Preliminary Interview Service: Service Provider will collect all applications on Company’s behalf. Upon receipt, all applicants will be pre-screened, pre-qualified, and potential candidates will be contacted to complete a preliminary telephone interview. Service Provider will present short-listed candidates in an electronic format. We will ensure the company contact is provided with the resume and cover letter of only those with potential to be interviewed by the company. SkillScope™: The SkillScope™ is a tool developed by Service Provider to provide you with an efficient means of qualifying applicants and managing your short-listing process. The SkillScope™ is comprised of ten position-specific, behavioural-based interview questions and is developed in consultation with Service Provider. An applicant's response to these questions helps clarify their "fit” and identify those with whom you’d like to meet. Interview Coordination, Scheduling, and Preparation: When you’re ready to interview, remaining candidates will be notified that they aren’t moving any further on in the recruitment process. Service Provider will coordinate the scheduling of interviews with shortlisted candidates. Based on the interview setting dictated by the circumstances (ie: in-person, telephone, Skype) your company will provide information in advanced based on regular scheduled meetings and locations to assist with this administration. Candidate Management – Company will conduct interviews and advise the Service Provider, after each interview, whether selection or promotion will or will not occur. The Service Provider will notify all unsuccessful applicants. Testing & Assessments: Complete a pre-hire assessment to clearly understand, both graphically and in written text, the individual's job suitability for the position with your organization. The best profiling tools gather objective information that is difficult to obtain from a subjective interview. Service Provider provides unique validated testing and psychometric assessment tools, which analyze your candidates as well as any employees who may be considered for succession within your organization.

Keywords: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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