Candidate Attraction Package

By:  04-12-2013
Keywords: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This package focuses on targeting the correct audience in the candidate market and may include any/all of the following individual services: Advertising Strategy: We will identify the mediums that reach a wider-ranging talent pool for each position. You will be provided with the summary of additional costs for each category (broad-casting, narrow-casting, and micro-casting) allowing you to approve the fees prior to implementing the strategy. Ad Development Service: A compelling ad will be composed in a number of formats for use online for teaser ads, full text ads, and, if applicable, a print ad. Managed Ad Placement Service: Once the advertising strategy has been approved and ads are developed, Service Provider will assume administrative responsibility for posting the ads based on pre-authorization for advertising fee schedules. Service Provider will monitor the response and work/re-work the ads to ensure ongoing market saturation. This service includes pushing your opportunity to 1000+ free job boards and search engine aggregators.

Keywords: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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