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     There is many different levels of CPR you can learn.  Adult CPR, child CPR, infant CPR, 2-man CPR, specialized CPR classes, etc.  Whatever your needs, we can accommodate it. 
Listed below are some classes and costs to better help you decide what is best for you!

      Classes are taught as needed.  From time-to-time, a class will be taught and advertised for the general public, so if you require the training for work, home, or just for yourself, please contact us for further information. 

      If you have several people within your workplace that would like to to be certified, we can come to you.

Pricing (most requested classes)

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Most commonly, community health workers of all levels can be trained to use the AED, but trainees could also include volunteers in the community who are interested, willing to learn and willing to participate in emergency response. If medical expertise is not available in the community, communication links can be established among communities that use AEDs, and to larger Emergency Medical Systems that use AEDs frequently and can provide advice.


First Aid

Emergency scene management, shock, unconsciousness, fainting, adult choking & 1-man CPR, medical conditions?(i.e.



Non-Dedicated Stand-by _ a volunteer, no-cost, stand-by where the ambulance will attend your event and stay as long as they can, but if an emergency call is received, then the ambulance may have to leave, but will return when finished the call.